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5 Things I Always Buy At Aldi

Something I like to preach to people who ask me about saving money on groceries is this: there’s no such thing as a store completely full of good deals. No matter where you shop, you should never assume that everything in the store is a bargain. Knowing your prices and stocking up when things are on sale is the biggest key to saving money on groceries. When it comes to Aldi, there are a few items that are priced consistently lower than at my grocery store. Here are five things that I always buy at Aldi!

#1 Milk and Eggs

Aldi’s price on these two items is almost always lower than my grocery store.

#2 Fresh Produce

I always stock up on romaine lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, baby carrots and bananas (I usually get their organic bananas – they last longer) as well as whatever fruit is in season (apples, berries, cherries, oranges, grapes). Seasonal fruits aren’t always the best deal – wait for those things to be in season and then go crazy!

#3 Reduced Fat Feta Cheese 

I’ve cut way down on my cheese consumption as part of my new healthy eating habits, but this cheese has been a life saver! I love that you don’t need very much and it lasts a long time in the fridge. I eat this cheese in scrambled eggs, on salads and with wraps. Aldi’s regular price is about $.50 lower than the sale price at my grocery store.

#4 Frozen Fruit

Aldi sells resealable bags of frozen blueberries, strawberries, mango and pineapple that are perfect for smoothies. I always keep a bag of blueberries in my freezer to mix in my oatmeal. I love having frozen fruit on hand for days that I need to go to the grocery store and might not have any other fruit to eat with breakfast.

#5 Tomato Basil Chicken Sausage

Paul loves these. They are perfect to have on hand for a quick lunch or dinner, and also taste great mixed in with a pasta dish. I like to use them in this recipe for Smoky Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Like I said, not everything in the store is a bargain! here are a few things I never buy at Aldi:

  • Coffee Creamer (it tastes terrible)
  • Large containers of yogurt
  • Condiments (ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayo, mustard)
  • Anything name brand – I can always get a better deal on that in my grocery store
  • Fresh meat
  • Shredded cheese

What is your favorite thing to buy at Aldi? Would you add anything to my “never buy” list?


20 thoughts on “5 Things I Always Buy At Aldi

  1. I’ve not been to Aldi yet, but I’d love to check one out. The closest is about an hour from me, so it’s a little drive. I’m with you on frozen fruit for when you run low on the fresh. I usually freeze fresh blueberries when they’re in season during the summer (much cheaper), and they last me all winter. I feel like a squirrel burying nuts! 🙂


  2. Great to know! I think I enjoyed your list of things to avoid as much as your favorites. It’s nice to know where the best deals are and that they’ve got such good deals on milk and eggs. We’re going through a lot of both these days 🙂 I’d love to head to Aldi with you to scope everything out.


  3. Oh goodness, you know me Whitney, I’m a die-hard Aldi fan here! I used to go around to several grocery stores to complete my shopping, but now with three kids I tend to just shop at Aldi and our local bulk food/ health food store. Here are a few of my favorite items!
    -chips (my kids love the veggie straws and I love their organic tortilla chips)
    -natural PB (my husband and oldest son’s favorite)
    -organic ketchup (I used to get that at Trader Joes, but it’s not worth the trip anymore now that Aldi carries it!)
    -all my baking supplies
    -canned goods
    -fresh fruit and veggies, especially the organics
    -cheese, hummus, and guacamole
    -toilet paper: they have one brand that is HORRIBLE and one that is wonderful. I can never remember which is which, lol.
    -frozen fries: ok, this is what my hubby and I reach for during our evenings at home in front of a movie. We will make a bag of Aldi frozen fries which are super cheap and then doctor them up according to how we like them. Fun, easy date night at home ;-).

    Most of the things I “won’t” buy at Aldi are more because we don’t like the actual item. I’m pretty satisfied with most things. I will say though that one thing I don’t love is their canned black olives! I think they taste funny, lol. Oh, and my husband likes those sausages, too! 😉


    1. I love your list and definitely agree with your reason for not running all over town. I only shop at Aldi and my favorite grocery store – and usually I only do one of those every other week, just to make it easy. I am so glad they expanded their hummus selection! The olive tapenade is so good.


  4. I shop at Aldi every Monday so I’m headed there in a little bit. lol 🙂 I have incorporated organic meat and dairy into my family’s diet this year. My local Aldi has cheaper prices on organic milk, hamburger meat, and chicken. They also sell Kerrygold butter. Their grass-fed cheddar cheese from England and Australia is so yummy. All of these organic items are so much cheaper at Aldi than even Walmart. One thing I do not purchase is frozen pizza. My daughters love frozen pizza but say Aldi’s brand is not quit palatable. :/ Thanks for your list! It’s always good to have other opinions. 🙂


    1. Aldi is a great place to shop for organic items! I didn’t mention those because I don’t shop organic, so I’m not at all an authority on that topic. 🙂 I agree with your girls on the frozen pizza, although their take-and-bake ones aren’t too bad.


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