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Aldi Favorites: Home Goods Edition

Every time I write a blog post about Aldi, I have to start by reminding you that I don’t shop at Aldi because I love the experience. It’s certainly not the most pleasant shopping experience, but that’s why I also visit my local high-end grocery store once a week. I stroll the aisles, picking up… Continue reading Aldi Favorites: Home Goods Edition

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Meal Planning For Family Vacation

Vacation is a wonderful thing. There’s just something about getting away with the people you love, unplugging from daily life and reconnecting with new experiences, leisure time and fellowship. Vacation can also be expensive, stressful and a lot of work! As a spouse (and especially as a parent!) there’s packing, planning and traveling that has… Continue reading Meal Planning For Family Vacation

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How I’m Saving Money on Groceries in 2017

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you can’t always lower your mortgage or your car payment, but you can do something about how much you spend on groceries! Last year I saved over $1,500 on groceries and I plan to keep that trend going for 2017. We live in a constantly… Continue reading How I’m Saving Money on Groceries in 2017