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Three Simple Ways You Can Save Money

With the rising prices everywhere, we’re all looking for ways to save money. Here’s a mantra that sounds a little old fashioned but that will help you save more money than you might think: “Don’t waste that!”

Using what we have, and using it well, goes a long way toward saving money. Here are three simple ways to do that.

1 – Eliminate food waste when cooking

If a recipe only uses half of the can (diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, cream soup, canned pumpkin, etc.), I pour the rest into a ziploc bag, lay it flat for easy storage and thawing, and write something like “diced tomatoes, 1/2 can, 5/2/23” on the bag. That bag goes into a specific section in my freezer.

Any time I need something canned for a recipe, I first look in the freezer to see if I already have that item. If I don’t have time to defrost it in the fridge overnight, I place the bag in a bowl in the sink and run hot water over it until it’s thawed enough to use.

I also make sure to get every last drop of sauce or liquid out of a can or jar. When I’m making spaghetti, I pour as much sauce as I possibly can out of the jar. Then I add just a teaspoon or so of water, screw on the lid and give it a shake. That loosens all the extra sauce from the sides of the jar and gives me as much as a 1/4 cup of sauce I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to use!

The same practice applies for cans of cream soup. I put a little bit of the milk into my “empty” can of cream of mushroom soup. After I scrape the sides with my spoon, I’m able to get the rest of the soup that sticks in the bottom of the can.

2 – Use samples and travel size toiletries for everyday 

I have quite the stash of samples and travel size toiletries, and I imagine you to doo. When I’m about to run out of shampoo or body wash, I grab one of those to tide me over until the product I want is on sale. I try to never pay full price for brand name items – and using those travel size items helps me to accomplish that goal.

3 – Use cloth napkins and cleaning rags instead of paper

We use cloth napkins at every meal. Not only is it cheaper, I find that cloth napkins do a better job of keeping your hands and face clean! I cut up dingy dish towels for cleaning the kitchen and use old t-shirts for dusting. They work great and are basically free.

When you’re looking for ways to save money, start by looking for ways to eliminate waste in the products throughout your home!

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6 thoughts on “Three Simple Ways You Can Save Money

  1. Great advice! I started using wash cloths for the kids in the kitchen instead of paper towels a while ago. I save paper towels for gross messes and love the reusable option. We don’t have any cloth napkins, but that’s a good idea. I love when I have a recipe like taco or vegetable soup on the menu for the week so that I can clean out all of my little bits of extra veggies in the freezer.


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