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Three Ways To Spend Less On Groceries

Food prices are high, that’s for sure. Here’s some good news: I have three things you can do today that will reduce your weekly grocery budget.

#1: Budget your groceries, not just your cash.

Budgeting groceries means that you purchase enough food that, combined with what you have on hand, it should be sufficient to feed those in your home until the next planned shopping trip. 

This requires discipline and some creative problem solving to keep yourself from running back to the store for things you think you need during the week. It’s almost certain that you’ll spend less on one big grocery shopping trip than on 5 random trips.

Click here for three tips that will help you budget your groceries.

#2 Learn how to shop the grocery store sales cycle.

Did you know that grocery store prices don’t remain the same from week to week? They rotate through a 4-6 week cycle, and you need to stock up when the item is at the lowest price in that cycle.

You must shop in a traditional grocery store for this to work (not Walmart, Aldi, Costco or Sams Club), but this is the best way to save on name brand products, dairy, and convenience foods.

Example: My grocery store sells shredded cheese anywhere from $2.50 to $4.99 per package. I always buy 3-4 packages at $2.50 so that I don’t have to buy any the week it’s $4.99.

#3 Make leftovers a recurring feature on your weekly menu.

If you find that you periodically have leftovers that go to waste, schedule a leftover night on your weekly menu plan. This might mean that everyone eats a little something different that night, but it saves the cost of an additional meal for that week.

I like to serve a leftover main dish with different vegetables so that it’s not exactly the same without allowing that dish to go to waste.

What are your best tips for saving money on groceries? I want to hear them! Leave a comment and tell me how you’re lowering your grocery bill.

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4 thoughts on “Three Ways To Spend Less On Groceries

  1. I compare prices online and make little notes on my grocery list of which store has the item cheapest. I only have time to stop at 2 stores but they’re just a few miles apart. It seems to be helping a little bit plus it’s kind of a fun challenge to see how much I can save. Thank-you for this timely post. I enjoy your blog!


  2. Yes!! I completely agree. We had leftover lunch on Sunday to clean out the fridge and not waste any food. We all ate something different and my family doesn’t usually complain if they get to pick out their food. Packing lunches for my kids and my husband saves us lots of money! And they eat healthier 🙂


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