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Fall Decor 2022: Blue and White with Pops of Orange

Welcome to my 2022 fall decor tour! This year I went with mostly blue and white decor, adding in a few pops of orange.

The display on the shelf below was inspired by this pin. I always begin my decorating by finding some inspiration photos that I can copy with what I have in my stash.

It’s not a home tour without the kitties! Thelma Lou is below – she turns 10 on Saturday.

I wanted some chinoiserie pumpkins this year and ended up DIYing a couple with white Dollar Tree pumpkins and paper napkins I found at a gift shop. They aren’t perfect but they look pretty good from a distance!

Here are my Dollar Tree plates and Dollar General runner from a couple years ago.

I’ve learned to use my decor (seasonal and regular decor) to camouflage things like outlets. Our bluetooth speaker is hidden in that basket when not in use.

The signs on my counter are leaned against the wall so that they’re easy to move, but they hide the outlets behind them.

The rest of the house isn’t decorated for fall, but the guest room has touches of the fall colors I’m using. Peggy coordinates perfectly in here! She will also be ten next month.

My front door basket cost less than $10 to update for fall. I got new florals from Dollar Tree and filled the basket with moss from my crafting supply stash. My friend Whitney Jordan inspired me with her front door basket.

I’m so happy that fall is here! There are likely a lot of changes in our future, so I’m enjoying these moments and the opportunity to create peace and stability in our home.

Simple touches like these send a message to our families (and to our own hearts) as we demonstrate the peace of Jesus in the way we care for our homes. ❤

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9 thoughts on “Fall Decor 2022: Blue and White with Pops of Orange

  1. Everything looks so cozy! I really love your blue and white collection and have been stalking the Goodwill to start one of my own. I especially appreciate how you use what you have instead of buying everything new each year. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I love your fall decor. It’s simple but beautiful! I have a similar wall floral holder on my front porch only mine is metal not a basket. I found I could take a wooden cut out (like a heart for Valentine’s Day) add a magnet to it and attach it to the metal holder. It’s fun to change for the seasons!


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