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Fall Decor Tour {2020}

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Happy Fall! Seasonal decorating is one of my favorite parts of homemaking, and I start dreaming about cozy pumpkins not long after I pack up the Christmas decor!

I have a video tour that I’ll include at the end of this post where I talked through the choices I made in decorating this year, so I’ll just let you scroll through the pictures and catch up with you at the end.

Find details for the DIY Blue Wood Pumpkin (below) on this post!

My blue chairs are on major sale at Target!

Runner: New at Dollar General

Fall Plates: New at Dollar Tree

Towel is new from Dollar General – $1!

Here’s my full video tour that includes the guest room and a few of my best tips for fall decorating!

As I mentioned in the video, I only spent about $15 on new decor. I love shopping the stash that I’ve collected over the years and choosing different things each year!

Fall is a time of anticipation for me – there’s so much to enjoy about this season, along with the realization that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! We have so many reasons to be grateful, to celebrate and to praise God for His goodness in our lives. Let’s enjoy it all!

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18 thoughts on “Fall Decor Tour {2020}

  1. What a lovely video😄
    I LOVE the orange and blue together 😍!
    Everything looks so beautiful and serene 💛
    The quilt on your bed is very nice- is there a story behind it/ did someone make it?
    Happy Fall🍂🦉🍁🐿🌽🦃🧡


  2. Everything looks so pretty, calm and welcoming and not at all “overdone.” I have the silliest question to ask – how do you keep your range looking so pristine? I know you cook frequently, and I know you are dedicated to keeping a clean home, but it looks showroom perfect!


    1. Thank you, Crista! Well – my stove top isn’t perfect in real life – but I just clean it every night with my dish rag + soap and then follow up with a countertop cleaner and a dry rag. If something boils over or makes a big mess, I use the cleaner that’s specifically for the glass cook top and a sponge. That’s it!


  3. So pretty!! I love the pops of orange and your berry bouquets throughout. One of my cats thinks those fake berries are so fun to chew on. I have to keep them up high otherwise they turn into a cat snack.


    1. It’s not talent, trust me! Look back at my posts from 2013-2014. 🙂 I just find inspiration photos, copy them with the things I have in my home, arrange, re-arrange and re-arrange some more until I get it to look right. 🙂


    1. Everything looks so inviting and seasonal. Nice job! What is the beautiful music that is playing at the end of the video?

      Jacki G.


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