Fall Decor Tour {2021}

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I try to enjoy the benefits and beauty of summer, but I’m always SO happy to welcome fall! This year I did a no-spend decor theme, using only things I had on hand (with a few tiny exceptions). I love how it turned out!

I have a big tote full of fall decor, but I only used about half of it. One of my decorating mantras is to resist the urge to use every little bit of seasonal decor. I stick with a theme (pumpkins and orange florals) and incorporate the seasonal elements with my existing decor.

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My rug is from Home Depot

I switched out the green faux floral on top of the bookshelf for a bunch of Dollar Tree bittersweet from my stash.

I did pick up a new sign from Dollar Tree to make this door hanger – but I used ribbon I had left over from last year. It was so hot the day I took this picture that I couldn’t get that door shut fast enough!

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We’re still enjoying beautiful golden hour light as the setting sun filters through the trees in our back yard.

You can see the whole tour on YouTube below!

My mom posed this question on her blog: “We can wonder during these difficult days if we’re being frivolous to decorate our homes for fall, plan a delicious meal with friends, or take our kids to the pumpkin farm. When there are some people who are hurting so deeply, are we being uncaring?

If you’re struggling with that question, take a minute to read her post: Why You Should Decorate For Fall When There Is Trouble In The World. I know it will encourage you! ❤

Thanks so much for coming along on my fall tour!

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12 thoughts on “Fall Decor Tour {2021}

  1. Your home looks lovely for Fall! I love your game plan – stick with a theme and decorate accordingly. Nothing looks crowded or cluttered. It all just looks perfectly placed around your home to make it feel cozy for Fall. Good job 🙂


  2. Your home looks so nice all decorated for fall. I like how you added things in without changing up your regular decor too much. It’s a lot easier that way! I am thinking about taking on your challenge of not buying any new Christmas decor! I have enough, maybe!?!


  3. I think decorating for the seasons gives a sense of structure and comfort; that everything is alright (or going to be!) so I say “Go for it!” To be honest, I’ve been so overwhelmed with details of life that my summer decorations are still up BUT this definitely inspires me. You have a beautiful home.


    1. You’re on the right track there, Carrie! When there is peace in our hearts from the confident hope we have in Jesus, that translates to peace in our homes. Things are in order and things are comforting when we care for our homes. ❤


  4. Your home looks lovely! The blue and white dishes are so beautiful, and the golden hour light just makes me feel happy! We get that gorgeous late afternoon light in our home office, and sometimes I like to sit in there and just soak it in. =)


  5. Gorgeous!!! I love your blue accents with the fall decor. You’ve added the perfect amount that makes if feel cozy and warm. I also love your front door mat! I hear the Disney song!! I’d love to do what it suggests…be your guest! =)


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