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2 Easy and Affordable Fall Wreaths: Dollar Tree DIY

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I do not like to pay much money for wreaths – which means I have to make them myself. It always amazes me how much you can pay for a pre-made wreath!

I found an inspiration photo on Instagram that gave me an idea for the pumpkin sign I bought last year at Dollar Tree (they have them again this year). Here’s the inspiration:

Here’s my version!

I used Dollar Tree ribbon and florals from my stash – even cut some berries off an old wreath – and just hot glued them to the back of my pumpkin! I’m not precise or perfect with my crafts – I just mess with it until it looks right.

The pumpkin sign came with a small jute hanger, so I cut that off and hot glued a wider version that I made with several strands of jute to mimic the thick rope used in the photo. It’s not pretty – but nobody sees the back when it’s hanging on the door!

The thing that elevates this project, to me, is the use of two patterned ribbons. That was something I noticed in the inspiration photo and it really does make a difference.

When I looked up the original photo for this post, I couldn’t believe that the kit to make that sign was $56 – and I made mine for free using things I had on hand! Even if you purchased all the supplies at Dollar Tree, it would cost about $5!

Of course my sign isn’t exactly like the photo, but that’s okay. I like making projects my own (especially when it saves me $56).

For the side door I went much more neutral. (rug is $13 at Target)

The base of this banner is from one I made two years ago- get the full tutorial here.  For this fall I decided to update it to contrast against the new door color. I was able to carefully remove the wood blocks from the ribbon and add them to a new banner.

This time I did a double bow, wrapped a small piece of the patterned ribbon around the middle and glued that piece to my banner.

I believe it would be possible to make this banner for around $10 using all Dollar Tree items (assuming you already have a hot glue gun and some paint brushes on hand). My ribbon is from Dollar Tree’s fall line that is in stores right now.

I snapped this picture of our house last week – in that tiny period of time where the leaves have just started to turn but the grass is still bright green. ❤

You can see my freshly repainted white pumpkins on the front steps! I hope I’ve convinced you that it’s possible to have festive doors on a Dollar Tree budget. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “2 Easy and Affordable Fall Wreaths: Dollar Tree DIY

  1. Your fall wreaths look great! Nice job. Wreaths are crazy expensive so it’s nice when you can DIY one for FREE or very inexpensively. I need to update my wreath options a bit for Fall this year because they are looking faded.


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