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Dollar Tree Tray DIY: Simple Project Under $5

I’ll say it again – I am not very good at DIY or craft projects. If I find a project I can handle, you can handle it too! 🙂 I love decorating with trays and couldn’t resist this cute little one I found in the Crafter’s Square section at Dollar Tree.

I sanded it down a little bit just to help the paint adhere. These wood pieces from Dollar Tree aren’t high quality and usually always still have rough edges, but I’m okay with that for a dollar! I gave it three coats of the Crafter’s Square white acrylic paint. I’m wishing now that I’d used a bristle brush instead of the sponge brush.

After the paint dried, I embellished the handles with some jute string. You don’t need a hot glue gun for this part, but it does help the ends to stay put a little better.

I tied off the starting piece and glued down the end, but you could just tie off the ends and cut off the extra end piece.

I styled it on our bedroom dresser and I think it’s perfect there!

One of the things that has helped me to be successful in these projects is to watch DIY videos on YouTube. Even if I don’t copy their exact style, it gives me ideas and helps me learn how to execute the projects I’m working on.

Two of my favorites are The Magnolia Housewife and Jody’s Craft Room. They also share a lot of Dollar Tree hauls, which I love!

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8 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Tray DIY: Simple Project Under $5

  1. Cute little tray!! You’ve found a way to make DIY work for you even if you don’t consider yourself a DIYer. I always enjoy your tips and advice for how you’d do the project differently next time.


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