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Dollar Tree Haul | Easy Succulent DIY

I decided it was time for a trip to Dollar Tree! I needed several household items and had fun browsing the spring and summer items while in the store. Watch the video below to see what I purchased – I hope you enjoy!

Please know that I fully respect your decision to stay home or to shop as little or as much as you think appropriate. As has always been my practice, I didn’t spread germs around the store and gave people plenty of room to shop around me. My Dollar Tree wasn’t limiting the number of shoppers, so there was no need to hurry through the store. They asked each person to wipe off their cart handle after returning it, which I gladly did.

Here’s what I did with that little trinket pot! I added a succulent and a tiny bit of Spanish Moss – both things I had on hand. I love how it turned out!

Have you been out in the stores yet? I know it’s a weird time and that shopping can still feel a little scary for some people. I’m thankful that my stores are beginning to be a little better stocked and that things are slowly getting back to normal.

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7 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Haul | Easy Succulent DIY

  1. I try to go out once a week to run any errands or grocery shop. So far I’ve been to Sams and Meijer. I’m not taking my kids out and about so I have to plan my outings whenever my husband can get away from working at home to hang with the kids. I miss strolling through stores and would love to check out my Dollar Tree soon. I’ve got a 7th birthday party to prep for in a few weeks! I enjoyed seeing all of your finds!


    1. I hope you’re able to find all the goodies you need for party prep! My Dollar General has really stepped up their party supply section, so you might want to pop in there if you can’t find what you need in other stores.


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