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My Favorite Items To Buy At Dollar Tree

If you watch my YouTube channel, you know I’m a big fan of Dollar Tree! It’s become a store that I find myself shopping more and more frequently.

Just like any discount store, not everything they sell is a bargain, but there are lots of treasures to be found!

Here are some of my favorite items to buy at Dollar Tree:

  • organizing bins! (This is my #1 favorite!) Large, medium and small – I have them in all shapes, sizes and colors in every room of my house!
  • batteries
  • travel sized pouches of antibacterial wipes

  • children’s books
  • clipboards
  • file folders, index dividers, page protectors
  • disposable foil containers for taking meals to people

  • mini fans
  • play packs (themed packs with coloring pages, crayons, etc)
  • seasonal decor
  • note cards

  • lighters
  • basic picture frames
  • children’s valentine’s day gifts

  • small candles
  • store brand magic erasers (called “quick erasers”)
  • mother’s day cards

If you’re new to shopping Dollar Tree, just know that each store varies with what inventory they have in stock, how often they get new stuff and how well they keep it organized. I’m very fortunate to have multiple DT stores within driving distance, so I pop into different ones when I’m nearby just to see what they have.

If you only have one store in your area, ask the management what day they receive their shipments and try to shop that day so you have the best selection.

My Mom did a blog post earlier this summer with her favorites from Dollar Tree – she finds great stuff!

Are you a fan of Dollar Tree? What’s your favorite thing to purchase there?


12 thoughts on “My Favorite Items To Buy At Dollar Tree

  1. I’m fairly new to Dollar Tree, but I love searching for decor. That’s a good tip to find out when the shipments arrive! I need to make a trip over there to look at fall things, and I could probably use a few more storage bins. Our store is supposed to be getting Hallmark greeting cards, which is a big bargain at $1 a card!!


    1. I don’t think I’ve purchased name brand Magic Erasers, but I’ve been really happy with the way the DT ones work. They are hard to find sometimes, so I always grab a couple boxes when I see them.


  2. Birthday cards!! Whenever I need a birthday card or really any special occasion, I head to Dollar Tree. They have a great selection and at 2 for $1, you can’t do any better than that!


  3. I buy so many of my note cards and thank you cards from the Dollar Tree! I go through a lot, so I appreciate the price and variety. I’ve LOVED our DT’s selection of educational/craft supplies now that we are homeschooling. I also purchased some really cute, cafeteria style lunch trays that my kids love using. I think that might be the best part about the Dollar Tree, you never know what you are going to find!


  4. I like Dollar Tree! I go there for plastic storage bags, gift bags, snacks and disposable containers and bins. It’s always fun to go thru the seasonal items. Have you noticed they have upped their card selection to a low end division of Hallmark? The price is good and a nice variety.


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