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Recent Dollar Tree Purchases That I Love

Even though I’m not buying Christmas decor this year, there are still plenty of good reasons to shop at Dollar Tree! Here are a few recent purchases that I’m loving!

#1 Toothpaste

Who knew Dollar Tree sold full sized tubes of Crest and Colgate? I always buy toothpaste at the grocery store when I can combine a good sale with a coupon…so I never thought to consider picking it up at Dollar Tree. It’s actually a good deal! I chose Colgate over Crest this time because it comes in 5 oz tubes – a better deal than 3 ounces of Crest for the same price.

#2 Diaper Disposal Bags

I’m not using these for diapers – although you totally could- I’m using them for kitty litter. Of course I always hang onto my grocery bags and try to reuse those for kitty litter, but shopping at Aldi reduces the number of bags I have on hand. I hate buying actual trash bags just for kitty litter and this is the perfect solution! They are small, they’re deodorizing and they come in a package of 75 for $1!

#3 Small Colander

This is the perfect size for rinsing a portion of berries or grape tomatoes…and it looks pretty on my counter!

#4 Home Decor

I have to be careful and only pick up things I know I will use, but there are some really nice items on the home decor aisle (usually by the candles and picture frames). These ceramic pieces are perfect for adding a different texture to a bookshelf or vignette, and I had to have this pretty print of the verse I’m praying for myself!

#5 Candy CornΒ 

The little bags of candy corn are perfect for mixing with some salted peanuts! Last week I picked up a bag of candy corn and packaged it with a cute Halloween tin (from last year’s Hobby Lobby clearance) to make a sweet little hostess gift.

I showed the hostess gift in the video below…it’s at the 4:42 time mark if you don’t want to watch the whole video. πŸ˜‰

What are your favorite things to buy at Dollar Tree? If you’re new to shopping in the land where everything’s a dollar, read this post to see a few more things I love to buy when I’m there!


6 thoughts on “Recent Dollar Tree Purchases That I Love

  1. Dollar Tree is my Shopping Spree store. Every week I allow myself $I0 to buy anything I want. Sometimes I get stuff I need, but I always get stuff that I love and will use. ! teach a group of 6 and 7 year-olds on Sundays. Every week I pick up treats for the whole class for $2.00 or less; they love the food after sitting through a 50 minute meeting with the adults!. I also keep goodie bags on hand filled with cool dollar store finds for when a birthday comes up. It makes lovin’ those kids so much easier.


  2. I love Dollar Tree! I always get bleach spray there and my mom got some vinegar cleaner spray I used to clean windows that was really good. I get Naproxyn there….15 for $1.00! I love they have really upped their cards by a Hallmark line and notecards are good. My wrapping paper and bags are usually from there. I do like the home decor aisle to browse and seasonal. I go by the groceries and pick up Suddenly Salads pasta salads. They make fast side dishes for a meal. The aluminum pans are a good deal to take food and not need a dish returned. Lots of good things!

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