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2 Simple and Affordable Winter Wreaths | Easy DIY

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Whether you purchase them pre-made or put them together on your own, wreaths can be so expensive. Here are the two wreaths I’m displaying right now – they are as simple and inexpensive as you can get!

Berry Wreath

  • Grapevine Wreath: Hobby Lobby $9 if you buy it at 50% off
  • Berry Garland: Target $10 
  • Dollar Tree Sign $1
  • Wired Ribbon: Hobby Lobby $5 if you buy it at 50% off
  • Total: $25 (if you’re buying all this for the first time – my out of pocket for this project was $1!)

The only thing I had to buy for my wreath was the sign – I used ribbon that I’ve used for other projects over the years, my trusty grapevine wreath and the same berry garland I’ve used for a decade! That garland has been used on top of kitchen cabinets, on the mantle (in our apartment) and has now been used on my outdoor wreaths for at least 5 years!

I simply laid the berry garland on top of the wreath and secured it by wrapping the ribbon around the base of the garland. I tied the ends of the ribbon and made a simple bow with the tails! By tying the sign hanger to the top of the wreath with jute, this project was completed with no hot glue required! I tied another piece of ribbon in the middle of the bow to finish it off and to hide that jute.

If you don’t have a grapevine wreath, I highly recommend adding one to your decorating stash! Click here to see how I used mine this fall with a similar Dollar Tree sign/wired ribbon technique.

Let it Snow Banner

  • 2 Dollar Tree Wooden Snowflakes $2
  • 1 Dollar Tree Sign $1
  • White Paint from Dollar Tree $1
  • Wired Burlap Ribbon from Dollar General $2
  • Colorful Ribbon for Bow $1-2 (I used leftover Christmas ribbon)
  • Total $8!

You’ll also need a glue gun, some jute and a craft paint brush, but most of us probably have those things on hand.

I followed the same basic steps as in the fall banner tutorial on my mom’s blog. I painted the wooden snowflakes with 3 coats of craft paint, and then attached the snowflakes and the sign to the ribbon with hot glue.

I made a hanger with two strands of jute and hot glued it into the back of the ribbon (see the tutorial for how to do that). The bow is hot glued on the front as well – if you live in a hot climate I’d suggest a little E6000 to reinforce the hot glue.

I’m happy to have both of my doors looking festive!


6 thoughts on “2 Simple and Affordable Winter Wreaths | Easy DIY

  1. Your winter wreaths look wonderful! I love berry wreaths and your sign looks like it was made for yours. Smart thinking on your winter snowflake wreath. That’ll be nice to use for several months. I have a berry wreath on my front door. I’ve been thinking about adding some battery powered lights to it this year.


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