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November 2019 In Review

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I’m taking next week off from blogging, so today it’s time to wrap up November’s highlights! Let’s start out with a shopping PSA. I hate shopping in store at Walmart, but I have fairly good luck with finding cute clothes SO inexpensively at This olive green boyfriend cardigan was $14 (I’m wearing a small)! I also ordered a kid’s fleece pullover for $9 that I love – I ordered that one in an XL and it’s perfect.

They offer free shipping after you spend $50, so just order a couple different sizes to try on and you’re at the free shipping mark. Their online returns are free, too, which I love!

We’ve been able to fit in a few date nights this month, which is becoming harder to do as Paul’s sports season gets busier. Paul found this really fun restaurant in a very “off the beaten path” location not far from us.

If you’re local, this is The Farehouse at Taylors Mill. Their menu isn’t very large, but our food was really good!

We were excited that our local children’s theatre put on Disney’s Broadway version of Beauty and the Beast! We might have been the only ones there that didn’t know anyone in the cast, but we enjoyed every minute. They did a great job!

It’s time for #refereewifelife to pick up again – I got to come along to one of Paul’s volleyball games this month! Being the referee’s wife means you don’t need a ticket and you can sit in the balcony all by yourself if you choose! 🙂

My mom planned to host our family for Thanksgiving this year, but my Nana ended up with surgery scheduled for next Wednesday. We moved our Thanksgiving gathering to last weekend so that we could all be together before Mom leaves to be with Nana. It was such a wonderful time! My mom set the most beautiful table – isn’t this lovely?

My sister and I brought a few things, but Mom made most of the big dishes. You can find all her recipes for the menu here – it was all so delicious! The mac and cheese I mentioned last week was underwhelming and also complicated to make, so I won’t use that recipe again.

The day isn’t complete until I have a piece of Derby pie with an Ale 8! It’s my favorite Thanksgiving tradition. 🙂

The next day we gathered at my sister and brother in law’s home to celebrate their twins’ 3rd birthday! We got a rare picture of the original 4 – my parents with my sister and me. ❤ I am so thankful that our relationships have continued to strengthen throughout my adult years.

The four of us always had fun together when Alli and I were growing up, but now our times together leave our hearts “encouraged, knit together in love because of Jesus, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” ( Colossians 2:2-3) We’ve all carried heavy burdens over the past few years and it’s such a wonderful thing to have a haven of love and kindness in your family. ❤

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My sister planned the cutest Mickey Mouse birthday party for the cutest little Mickey Mouse lovers! My dad snapped this pic of my nephews in the hats we brought them from Disney World. I don’t share their faces on the blog, but if you know me in real life I’ll be more than happy to show you all the pictures. 🙂

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I’m taking next week off from blogging, so Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll see you in December!


10 thoughts on “November 2019 In Review

  1. What a sweet time with family! I’m glad you were able to rearrange your plans to have an early Thanksgiving gathering. Hope your Nana is doing well. Your mom looks so pretty in that mustard blazer. It would look great on you and your sister. Enjoy your blog break 🙂


  2. Your Thanksgiving table was beautiful and that plate of food looks yummy!! Blessings for the Holiday and I pray your Nana has a successful surgery and easy recovery.


  3. Lovely. That last paragraph about our family times made me cry (the best kind of tears!). I, too, am so grateful we have one another to love, support, pray for and encourage during the hard things of life! xo


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