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Month in Review + Thanksgiving Recap {November 2021}

Thanksgiving 2021 was one of the best ever! My mom hosted the Ham Fam (my side of the family, the Cunninghams) and we packed so much good food and fun family time into those two days. Everything tasted as good as it looked! My mom presents everything so beautifully and we enjoyed the benefits of… Continue reading Month in Review + Thanksgiving Recap {November 2021}

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Thanksgiving Menu 2021: Sides and Charcuterie!

My mom is hosting Thanksgiving this year and that makes everyone happy! She's been diligently planning and working ahead, and several weeks ago we all decided what dishes my sister and I would bring to the meal. Here's what I'm bringing: Cranberry Sauce - I'm making a new recipe from Southern LivingGreen Bean Casserole -… Continue reading Thanksgiving Menu 2021: Sides and Charcuterie!

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Verses To Pray Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! When you think about the upcoming holiday, what emotions fill your heart? Do you feel excitement? Fear? Loneliness? Anxiety? Gratitude? Anticipation? Worry? No family is perfect or free from difficulty, whether it’s a strained relationship, a family member who always causes issues, a recent loss, financial strain or… Continue reading Verses To Pray Before Thanksgiving

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November 2019 In Review

this post contains affiliate and referral links – I will receive a commission if you make a purchase through the links provided ❤ I'm taking next week off from blogging, so today it's time to wrap up November's highlights! Let's start out with a shopping PSA. I hate shopping in store at Walmart, but I have fairly… Continue reading November 2019 In Review

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What I’m Making For Thanksgiving Dinner {2019}

Although I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I still get to make some delicious Thanksgiving food. We are celebrating with my family in Tennessee and are actually having our big Thanksgiving meal this weekend! My mom and sister are amazing cooks and I'm very excited to eat all the things they're making. My mom and… Continue reading What I’m Making For Thanksgiving Dinner {2019}

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Counting Every Blessing {November 2018 Highlights}

this post contains affiliate links "Counting every blessing, I'm counting every blessing. Surely every season You are good to me!" That has been my theme song this fall! All of the highlights from this month are blessings that have come in a different season of life. Sometimes the change of a season is hard -… Continue reading Counting Every Blessing {November 2018 Highlights}