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Thanksgiving Recap {November 2020 in Review}

Thanksgiving was weird this year, wasn’t it? Our plans weren’t finalized until the day before and were indirectly affected by the virus.

I made a conscious effort to enjoy the things I usually enjoy when hosting – preparing and setting everything up for the meal, eating Derby pie and having leftovers to enjoy!

We hosted Paul’s family this year, and I was happy that my parents were able to join us too! They drove down from Tennessee and spent the day with us. It was definitely nice to have mom’s help in the kitchen, and I was so grateful for the opportunity to host my parents for a holiday. We cherish the time we’re able to spend together!

The day wasn’t perfect and there were certainly elements of it that I wished were different. I bet some of you feel the same about your own Thanksgiving Day events.

After the meal, we gathered around the piano and sang a few songs from the hymnal. I began with “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and it was the perfect reminder that we could never praise God enough for who He is.

No matter our circumstances, there is always reason to praise and to be thankful because God’s faithfulness is so great! You weren’t able to participate in our Thanksgiving Day session around the piano, so I’ll invite you to join me here and let’s worship together with the video below.

Other than that, November was a month of simple joys and of looking for things to celebrate. I’m very happy that December is here, and with it, all the joy of the season that is not altered by circumstances!

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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Recap {November 2020 in Review}

  1. Your Thanksgiving looked lovely! I’m glad you were able to host family. Like you, our plans changed completely the night before. Thankfully I had a back up plan for staying home and our Thanksgiving turned out just fine. It was quieter than usual, but it still felt special.


  2. Hi! Very nice picture of you and your mom! Your food looks so yummy, I made your derby pie and it was a hit! Any tips on keeping my kitty away from the Christmas tree? We got our little guy this summer, he is now 7 months old and is quite playful! Have a blessed week!


    1. I’m SO happy that you loved the Derby pie! It’s just the best holiday dessert in my opinion. 🙂 Actually, my cats have never been too interested in the tree. I use skinny or smaller trees, so that might be why they don’t seem as enticing. I also try not to hang ornaments right at the bottom where they might catch the cats’ attention. Good luck! 🙂


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