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How To Simplify Seasonal Decorating || Fall Kitchen Decor {2019}

What is your biggest struggle with seasonal decorating? I asked this question on Instagram and one of the most popular answers was this – simplifying it!

It seems that many of us (myself included) have lots of little bits of decor: pumpkins, signs, garlands, candles and more pumpkins, and it can be overwhelming to think about finding a place for it all.

There are two things that help me with this struggle – two mantras that I repeat over and over while I’m decorating.

Mantra number one is this: you don’t have to use everything every year! I am not a minimalist, so I have a lot of seasonal decor. I enjoy using different pieces each year and leaving some of them in the bins when I don’t need those pieces that year.

Using something I haven’t put out in a couple years makes it feel at the same time like an old friend and a new purchase – what a win!

I originally had this basket packed FULL of pumpkins and pinecones. It looked cluttered and messy! Adding just one pumpkin and one sign to the basket kept all the fall vibes without any of the clutter.

That leads me to my second mantra: mix seasonal decor with traditional pieces. I have a big stash of decorating essentials that I move around in my house. If I put all those away and only set out seasonal pieces, it can easily look tacky and messy!

The way I decorated my dining area is a great example of this. I chose decorating essentials that work well for fall – a cream burlap runner, woven charger, and accent colors that pop against orange. My simple arrangement with fall florals in between two coordinating pumpkins took minutes to pull together!

I’m not the best at decorating – there are so many beautifully decorated homes on the internet that look much more elegant than mine – but I did keep it simple! The kitchen and dining areas look festive without being over decorated.

If you feel overwhelmed by the task of seasonal decorating, try my mantras! Don’t feel the need to display every pumpkin and scarecrow, and mix your paired down items with traditional pieces. You’ll enjoy the results so much more!

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21 thoughts on “How To Simplify Seasonal Decorating || Fall Kitchen Decor {2019}

  1. I love that dinning room decor, especially the white pumpkins. Something about white is simple and sleek, especially when the stem is gold. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Loved this post😄👍
    I must disagree with one point you said though- you said you are not the best with decorating- I think you do a beautiful job and enjoy your decorating posts the most!
    Regards Jennifer


  3. It’s really pretty, Whitney. I am planning on simplifying my decor this year. I thought I would purge a lot of my old things but I like your idea of just keeping it in my bins until next year and then see what I want to use.

    Now I am headed over to see what your lovely Mom has in store of us today.


  4. I definitely do not put out everything every year either and in fact will start to purge items I haven’t used in a few years too. I do like to just sprinkle a bit of seasonal décor without going overboard. Lovely and cozy accents!


  5. Love the blue and white…one of my favorites and it looks so good with fall colors. I have found another gal on You Tube who is a Blue and White lover, Carry Grace. Nicki’s house is so cute and she is another collector of all things blue and white. I thought you might like to check her out if you do not follow her. Right now she is doing the Fly Lady zone system. I am probably not changing my cleaning routine but I love the Hot Spot Challenges. Set a timer for 20 minutes and tidy up a place that has gotten out of control. I can do that!lol


  6. Great advice! I love mixing holiday decor with my regular decor. Each year, I find myself working to decide on my favorite pieces. I don’t want to keep giant tubs of decor that I don’t love. So I’m always editing my collection to add in new favorites and keep classic favorites. I have yet to decorate for Fall… maybe this weekend 🙂


  7. I think you ARE a good decorator, Whitney! You know what you like in your home and that’s what makes it lovely and yours. And I like the fact that your home doesn’t look like all the ones on the internet. They all start to look the same after a while, don’t they? ☺️


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