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Buying Groceries at Dollar Tree? | Dollar Tree Haul

Five or six years ago I would have stated pretty emphatically that most grocery items in the Dollar Tree weren’t the best deal. Five or six years ago I would have been right! Things in the “grocery game” are always changing!

With the question of “where can I find the best deal on my groceries,” I think the answer depends upon where you live and what stores you have available for weekly shopping. I currently shop at Aldi and Lowes Foods (a regional chain like Publix), and I supplement those stores with Dollar Tree and Dollar General. My answers and situation might be different if we had Kroger in South Carolina!

When I shop for grocery items at Dollar Tree, I’m looking for things that are either:

  • out of stock or unavailable at Aldi/Lowes
  • the same price as Aldi/Lowes
  • cheaper than Aldi/Lowes

Grocery items at Dollar Tree must meet the same requirements as food sold in grocery stores. It’s not bad food. I sometimes find “special edition” packaging and flavors of name brand items – if that’s the case, those are the ones where I find the highest markup and the possibility that it might be closer to the expiration date.

Dollar Tree’s regular brands (the brands and items you see there all the time) typically have standard shelf life. Here are some of the grocery items I like to buy at Dollar Tree:

  • White bread
  • Hot dog buns
  • Spices: garlic salt, onion powder, cinnamon, etc.
  • Condiments: ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, relish, Worcestershire sauce, etc. (I just look for bottles that are around 10 oz or more to know I’m getting a better deal.)
  • Gnocchi (up to $6 cheaper than the grocery store!)
  • Kraft mac & cheese
  • Pringles or Lays Stax Chips
  • Name brand fruit juice
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • Pizza Sauce
  • Flavored water packets, especially the Wyler’s Light Peach Tea
  • Holiday candy (and regular candy too)

The only risk with shopping at Dollar Tree is that inventory varies from store to store and can change at any time. Most of the items I listed are things that you can typically find in most stores.

One of the perks of Dollar Tree is that the store is small, so it doesn’t take long to run inside and look for something. Plus you might find something else fun and unexpected while you’re in there! 🙂

Do you shop for groceries at Dollar Tree? What do you usually grab while you’re there? You can see what I picked up over the weekend in my latest Dollar Tree haul below.

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8 thoughts on “Buying Groceries at Dollar Tree? | Dollar Tree Haul

  1. I always buy cards and holiday items at Dollar Tree, and buy my spices there when they have what I want. I’ve bought other grocery items there too, like marshmallow creme for making fudge.

    My one bad experience with buying groceries there was butter. I was in a huge hurry and needed butter for a recipe; no time to go to the grocery store. Got the butter home and unwrapped it — it looked like very low quality margarine or possibly lard with yellow food coloring in it. Made in Mexico. I couldn’t make myself use it.

    But otherwise, I’m game for buying any groceries there as long as they’re not made in China. Good tip about the gnocchi. I would never have thought to look for that.


  2. I have only purchased popsicles – the liquid kind that you freeze – and candy type food items at Dollar Tree. I almost always completely skip the grocery section. I just assumed that the deals weren’t great or that they would only sell off brands. But you’ve inspired me to actually walk down those grocery aisles at my DT next time I go to see what I’m missing out on 🙂


  3. I agree wtih Robin. I have shopped at Dollar General (although it is not super close) once or twice but I have never thought of Dollar Tree for groceries. Who knew? I always go there for my cards!


  4. We don’t shop at Dollar Tree, but Dollar General. We pick up half & half, chips, cough syrup/drops, spices, treats, school supplies, etc.


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