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5 On Friday: Online Shopping Tips and Favorites

This post contains affiliate links and items I was sent in exchange for a review. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. #sponsored #ad

I always find myself doing more online shopping in the summer. Not being a huge fan of hot weather, I prefer to not be schlepping through hot parking lots or unloading groceries in the heat.

The added complications of life in COVID mode make online shopping even more enticing right now! I thought I’d share a few great online shopping options that I’m enjoying right now!

#1 Zulay Kitchen

The folks at Zulay reached out to me, offering a product from their site in exchange for my review. I get several of these offers each month and usually turn them down, but this one really interested me. They sell items I’d usually pick up somewhere like TJ Maxx – and at similar price points!

They sent me a set of their silicone baking mats (something I’ve always wanted but never purchased for myself). Paul hates anything with a dark crust – cookies, biscuits, garlic bread – and I thought these might be a good solution. So far I’ve used them on chocolate chip cookies and canned biscuits, and with great results! I didn’t have to alter the baking time at all, and my baked goods came out perfectly golden but not dark or crunchy.

Check out Zulay Kitchen’s website here – they have lots of great kitchen gadgets that would be lovely gifts or additions to your own stash!

#2 Dollar Tree

Oh my beloved Dollar Tree. If you don’t feel comfortable shopping in stores – or you just don’t want to wear a mask in the heat – Dollar Tree offers online shopping! Now, you should be aware that you have to purchase an entire case of the item, which means you’ll end up with anywhere from 4-24 of something. That might not be a problem if you need something for crafting, organizing or back to school!

They periodically offer $5 flat rate shipping, which they announce on their social media. As an affiliate, I receive advance notice of the shipping deals. Sign up here and I’ll let you know about those announcements as soon as I can!

#3 Amazon

I’m finding Amazon to be a good, reliable source for things I just don’t want to run out of – especially when the supply in stores is so unpredictable. Things like:

  • My favorite hairspray – I have this on Subscribe & Save so that it shows up every 3 months!
  • Cat litter supplies – also on Subscribe & Save
  • Coffee Filters
  • Makeup and Skincare – I check the price and availability against Target and Ulta’s websites, and often find Amazon has the best deal!

I’m also ordering most of my birthday gifts from Amazon. It saves money on shipping + saves me from having to stand in line at the Post Office when mailing gifts to out of town family. I just order the item on Amazon and ship it right to the recipient!

#4 Target

My favorite thing about placing online orders or using curbside pickup at Target? Using the bar code scanner in the app! When I am running low on something, I just scan the item’s bar code and put it in my cart. I use this for cleaning sprays, dishwasher tabs, cat food, freezer/sandwich bags and more.

#5 Dayspring

I’ve mentioned this online store recently – but it’s a great place to find lovely, thoughtful gifts like this wall art! And if you use Rakuten, you can get cash back when you shop at Dayspring.

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I don’t want this to be a post that encourages you to buy things you don’t need. I hope this is a post that helps you find the things you’re already looking for, while navigating the summer heat and the difficult shopping conditions of life right now.

Summer doesn’t last forever – trials don’t last forever, either. If this season of life feels endlessly painful, sad and difficult, look to God. Open your Bible to the Psalms and praise Him:

But then I recall all you have done, O Lord;
I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago.
They are constantly in my thoughts.
I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works.

O God, your ways are holy.
Is there any god as mighty as you?
You are the God of great wonders!
You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.


6 thoughts on “5 On Friday: Online Shopping Tips and Favorites

  1. I have been ordering online and picking up my groceries from Walmart for quite awhile. It helps me to avoid buying things I shouldn’t be buying, which saves me money. Less impulse purchases!!! Before Covid, I would do this some weeks, and go and physically shop some weeks. I haven’t been inside Walmart now since before Covid.

    I also love online shopping! Amazon is awesome cuz you can buy pretty much anything. I shop for clothes online a lot, as well. I have had a Swagbucks account for years and years, but had gotten away from using it. I have started using it again, and can often earn Swagbucks for shopping at places online that I would normally shop- which I turn into Amazon gift cards. Double win.


  2. Amazon delivery, Wal-Mart curbside pick up and Food Lion curbside pick up have been life savers the last few months. The UPS and Amazon delivery folks are at my house on a regular basis. I have been leaving treats and thank you notes for them. Amazon delivery let’s me know when they are 10 stops from my house. Then I can keep track of their progress and leave cold water bottles and Gatorade on the porch just before they stop at my house.

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