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4 Tips To Help You Enjoy Cooking and Become A Better Cook!

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I love to cook – but I know not everyone shares that sentiment. However, there are things you can do to make your cooking experience a little more pleasant. Here are four simple tips that will not only help you to enjoy cooking, but that will make you a better cook!

1. Read the entire recipe before you begin cooking

Make sure you have all the ingredients listed – and make sure you have enough of each ingredient to complete the recipe. Read through the steps and make sure you understand the instructions and the order in which things happen. Failing to follow this tip has resulted in my most frustrating cooking fails!

2. Use the right tools

If a recipe says to whisk something, use a whisk. If it says to bake something in a 9×13 dish, don’t try to cram it into an 8×8 pan. Experienced cooks know when there is wiggle room in this area – but if you’re a new cook or one who doesn’t enjoy cooking, stick with the right tools!

My digital meat thermometer has been a life saver. I use it every week to take the guess work out of everything from steaks to roasted chicken and pork chops.

3. Take your time

Learning to cook takes time and practice! Stay focused and don’t try to multitask when you’re in the kitchen. Scrolling your phone or watching a show can often distract from the task at hand.

I’ve been cooking since I was in junior high. I’ve cooked supper at least five nights a week for almost ten years. Yet I still have to practice this advice!

4. Clean As You Go

Nothing makes me feel immediately exhausted like finishing a great meal only to remember my kitchen is buried in dirty dishes and drippy messes! If you establish a habit of cleaning up bit by bit, you can actually have an almost clean kitchen by the time the meal is ready.

And while you’re at it, why not make a habit of cleaning the kitchen before bed each night? Waking up to a clean kitchen is much more motivating than waking up to one still buried in the mess from last night’s meal.

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What is your favorite thing about cooking? What frustrates you about cooking? What do you love about cooking? What don’t you love? Maybe I can help with some solutions to your cooking frustrations! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “4 Tips To Help You Enjoy Cooking and Become A Better Cook!

  1. Great tips, Whitney! Another tip I need to better practice myself is: measure out all the ingredients ahead of time. I am pretty much always running around the kitchen while I’m making a recipe – grabbing and measuring ingredients as I go! That’s exhausting!


    1. I try to do like Rachael Ray does, and a least grab everything I need a little at a time. I get everything out for the first few steps, then put it away and go on to the next ones. That way I don’t have a mess!


  2. I’m a clean as you go cook, too! It really makes the process so much smoother rather than letting everything pile up until the end. I need to take your advice and read the whole recipe through. I’ve had some frustrating cooking experiences when I don’t do that.


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