How To Have A Clean Kitchen At Night

I love participating in the #cleankitchenatnight community on Instagram, but there’s more to it than just pretty pictures of pristine kitchens. Having a clean kitchen at night is one of those daily routines that set you up for a much more successful morning! Here’s how to do it.

#1 Put away everything you bring in the door with you

When you come in from work, the store, church or anywhere else, you usually have something in your hand. Most of the time, those things end up on the kitchen counters! Whether it’s mail, your coffee cup, groceries or a stack of Bibles and journals, make yourself put it all away immediately. This is where that mantra comes in handy, “Don’t put it down, put it away.”

This can take a lot of discipline! I have a rule that when I enter the house, I can’t leave the kitchen until I’ve put away all the things I brought in the house. This keeps me from getting distracted by all the things I’d rather do, like changing my clothes, getting a snack, playing with the cats or starting supper!

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#2 Clean While You’re Cooking

If I have a small bowl that’s dirty early in the recipe, I’ll put it in the sink and fill it with soapy water. That way I still have use of the sink while I’m cooking, if I need to drain pasta or rinse off a spoon or dish. You can use a bowl or empty container to corral your garbage while cooking – keeping the counters less messy and saving you extra trips to the trash can!

I’m a messy cook, so every 10 minutes or so I’ll stop to evaluate the mess. I put ingredients away, wash a few prep dishes and try not to get too far ahead of myself. There’s nothing worse than finishing supper and not having any clean counter space for the supper dishes to land!

#3 Clean Up From Supper Immediately After You Eat

This action kicks off my evening routine. It’s probably the biggest enemy of the clean kitchen at night goal, but following steps one and two make the task not as overwhelming to assume. Cleaning up from supper looks different for each household, but I recommend that you get everyone involved in the process! Here’s what it looks like on a “regular” night at my house:

  • Paul and I bring our dishes to the kitchen
  • He loads the plates, bowls and silverware in the dishwasher
  • I wipe the table and put my decorative items back in place
  • Paul puts the leftovers in containers while I hand wash the pots and pans
  • Paul takes out the trash, if necessary
  • I make my lunch for the next day
  • I spray and wipe down all the kitchen surfaces, sweep the floor if needed
  • I start the dishwasher

A couple hours later, I come back in to put away the clean dishes. I wipe out the sink and dish drainer and step back to admire the glorious scene – a clean kitchen at night!

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If you take the #cleankitchenatnight challenge, I would love to share in your success! Post a picture on Instagram, use the hashtag and tag me in your post or story (@homeforcomfort). I can’t wait to see your clean kitchens! 🙂


10 thoughts on “How To Have A Clean Kitchen At Night

  1. Great ideas, I always pack my lunch the night before saves time in the morning and all one mess then. Its so nice to get up in the morning and have a clean kitchen great start to the day x


  2. I love your tips! I try to clean up as I cook and recently I’ve started cleaning up and closing down the kitchen for the night right after dinner. My husband plays with the kids and I take care of the kitchen. It feels so good to do the dishes, pack the lunches, package up leftovers and clean right away. I used to let everything sit for a bit. Then I’d dread going back into the kitchen to finish up the job later in the evening. I like your tip about putting things away right away when you get home so that piles don’t build up. I’ve been working on this with my kids. We walk in the door and immediately put shoes away, hang coats up, deal with backpacks and wash hands. They just do it on their own now most of the time and it makes me so happy 🙂


  3. Well since Marvin has retired and is home all day…he sees that I do not get to retire.lol He is down in his back right now so in addition to cleaning and laundry I am also nurse maid and step and fetch it. Hoping we can get an epidural scheduled that might bring some relief. This is not how we saw retirement.:(


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