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My Evening Routine

My Evening Routine

I believe that the things you do in the evening have a direct impact on the next day.  Doing things the night before sets you up for a smooth and pleasant morning. There will always be surprises, disasters and spilled coffee, but those events won’t be as disastrous if you’ve planned ahead for the day. I follow a basic routine each evening that makes mornings a little more bearable (I’m majorly not a morning person). Most of these tasks are done whether I have a full day of work and appointments or a day at home with chores and blogging.

Here are the things I do each night:

  • Clean up from supper:
    • Put supper dishes in the dishwasher
    • Wash supper prep dishes (pots and pans)
    • Wipe down the counters, stove top and microwave
  • Pack lunch for the next day
  • Plan my outfit for the next day, iron if needed
  • Put dirty dishes from dessert in the dishwasher 🙂
  • Spray and wipe out kitchen sink
  • Set out anything extra I’m taking to work
  • Write my to-do list for the next day
  • Proof-read the next day’s blog post
  • Clear any papers or clutter on the kitchen counter
  • Straighten living room pillows and blankets
  • Put TV controls away
  • Feed cats

It looks like a lot, but these things are completed over a span of about three hours. There’s always time for TV or relaxing with my husband, but I don’t go to bed until everything is done. I love knowing that the only thing I have to do in the morning is get ready and eat breakfast.

I’m enjoying the 30 Day Night Time Cleaning Challenge from How Jen Does It (on YouTube). She’s challenged her viewers to get into the habit of preparing for the next day, each evening for 30 days. I’ll be joining the fun on Instagram and YouTube so be sure and follow me to see my routine in action!

Do you have an evening cleaning routine? What do you do?

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30 thoughts on “My Evening Routine

  1. I am also big on having a clean kitchen before going to bed. I don’t like to wake up to dishes in the sink or anything cluttering the counters! I also feel the same way on Sunday nights about my house, I have to start the week with a clean and picked up house!


      1. I take them each morning.haha it doesn’t take long since I’m so used to doing it. I’m such a procrastinator sometimes (most of the time), but I’m working on it and I think I’m improving some. I’ve always wished I could be more “put-together” when it comes to life in general.


  2. I follow Jen on YouTube too! I started implementing an evening routine this past year that looks very similar to yours. For my evening routine I also get my coffee pot ready, sweep the floors, water my plants, and pick up my son’s toys. I love waking up to a clean kitchen and picked up house!


  3. I do many of the same things. I can’t stand to go to bed leaving dishes in the sink. They are right there staring at me the next morning, making me behind on the day even before it starts.

    And, although I am blessed to be an at-home wife (with too many responsibilities that take me out of the house, unfortunately) , I always set my clothes out the night before for the next day. It really does help so much.


  4. Great list! I love prepping for the next day the night before. I’ve even convinced my husband it’s a really helpful practice for a smooth morning. He’s got his pile of things and I’ve got mine ready to go for the next day. I feel like I sleep better when I make my to do list in advance and know what to expect for the next day. It’s nice to wake up to a clean house. We’d make excellent roommates 🙂


  5. Yes, I do those things as well Whitney! Even when I am home for the day, I put out my clothes the evening before! It does make things go smoother, especially on those mornings when something pops up!! I do not do well with surprises of that nature.


  6. I’m with you girl – I’m not a morning person either! I’m going to check out the challenge because this is an area I could always improve in! Also, I love your rooster coffee print! Very cute :-).


    1. You might really enjoy some of her other videos as well – she’s a boy mom and eats really clean, sometimes even vegetarian. 🙂 I remember how much of a morning person you are not. Another reason I like being your friend! 🙂


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