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Monday House Reset | Before and After!

My house gets cluttered, messy and just plain dirty…as I’m sure yours does, too! Today I’m going to show you how my house looked after a week of minimal cleaning while Paul was down with the flu. I worked really hard to keep things germ-free, but I didn’t do my normal vacuuming or bathroom cleaning routines. The house was more “lived in” than usual, since Paul was home all day for eight days straight!

Here’s what I did to get things “reset” for the week. I love starting the work week with a clean house!

I find that when I dedicate a chunk of time to my housekeeping each week and commit to maintaining it daily, I’m able to have a generally tidy home. This looks different for every household based on your schedule and how many people live in your home. Even on weeks where my routine is very different (as it was when Paul was sick), sticking to my morning & evening routines made a huge difference!


9 thoughts on “Monday House Reset | Before and After!

  1. Looks great! I’ll have to look for that Bar Keeper’s Friend. I think my bathrooms would benefit from a different cleaner 🙂 Love your shirt/necklace combo in this video. Hope you have a happy, healthy weekend!


    1. It did a great job getting rid of rust stains, and it got the dingy, cloudy stuff off the faucet as well. It’s worth a try! Thank you, that shirt is from my favorite boutique…my sister’s hand me downs. 😉 She gives me the best stuff!


  2. I love Bar Keeper’s Friend in the kitchen but have never thought of using it in the bathrooms (we also have a problem with rust stains from hard water!) Thanks for the tip and love your videos! Have a great weekend!


  3. Hope Paul is on the mend. I have been re setting my house after having some painting done. It is a good time to organize and PURGE!!


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