Our Favorite Date Night Destinations

Happy Valentine’s Day! In the spirit of the biggest “date night” of the year, I’m sharing our favorite destinations for a dinner date. I have a few local spots and a few chain restaurants, so hopefully you’ll find some inspiration for wherever you live! 

#1 Casual Dining: Carolina Ale House (Greenville, SC)

Whitney’s (current*) Favorite: Beer Battered Fish and Chips or Caribbean Fish Tacos (but this pizza was also amazing!)

This is a loud restaurant with lots of TVs and, obviously, a bar atmosphere. It’s still a great place for a casual date night, especially when there’s a game that Paul wants to see. I get to eat out and he gets to watch his game!

*The only thing about Carolina Ale House is that their menu changes about once a year. More than once I’ve gone in with the intent to order a specific item only to discover it’s no longer available. The rest of the menu is good enough to keep us coming back anyway! 

#2 Downtown Dining:  Smoke On The Water (Greenville, SC)

Whitney’s Favorite: Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie

We love to pop in here after an evening of strolling the streets downtown – even though they offer a full menu, their desserts keep me coming back for more!

#3 Special Events: Soby’s New South Cuisine (Greenville, SC)

Whitney’s Favorite: Crab Cakes

Soby’s is a great place for a special meal! I love that they offer a twist on Southern cuisine that’s delicious and enticing to me and to my picky eater husband. Their fried chicken is amazing! We’ve also enjoyed their Sunday brunch buffet!

#4 Our place for Mexican: Mr. Salsa Mexican (4800 Wade Hampton Blvd., Taylors, SC 29687)

Whitney’s Favorites: Chicken Chimichanga OR Loaded Chicken Nachos

Everyone needs a go-to Mexican restaurant, and this is ours. I’ve been eating here for at least 10 years and have always had great food and quick service!

#5 Our Favorite Chain: Texas Roadhouse

For our first meal as a married couple, we ate at Texas Roadhouse in Gatlinburg. Over the past 7 years we’ve celebrated quite a few birthdays, anniversaries and special events here!

I also have to include this one because we’ve had some memorably UNpleasant dates here, too. I can think of more than one occasion when we had a fight, exchanged words or said, “Can we not do this here?!” over a Roadhouse steak.

Going on dates with your spouse doesn’t keep your relationship from having struggles. In fact, there’s no guarantee that anything you do will give you a happily ever after. Marriage isn’t perfect because people aren’t perfect.

Going on dates with your spouse is a way to keep saying “yes” to your relationship. It’s a choice to put energy, thought, love and intention into the person you vowed to love until death parts you. If that means you have to fight back tears over a steak once and a while, so be it. It’s worth it! Chances are, you’ll find that you end up with a lot more happy memories than unpleasant ones. Marriage works!

So, where is your favorite dinner date location? Do you have a go-to Mexican place?


6 thoughts on “Our Favorite Date Night Destinations

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Such yummy restaurant options in your area. Texas Roadhouse and Mexican always win in my book. We’re staying in tonight and I’m making a heart shaped pizza for dinner. Should be a crowd pleaser. I always appreciate your reminders that a happy, healthy marriage takes work and it’s not always sunshine, date nights and roses 🙂


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