Marriage Works {August Marriage Matters Recap}

Things we do every week because marriage matters! via

Each Monday I post a picture on Instagram with a snapshot of something we do because marriage matters. You can read more about why we do this on my first Marriage Matters post. Having a strong and happy marriage doesn’t just happen – it takes work!

Here’s a recap of my #MondayMarriageMatters posts from August!

I added a new hashtag to my posts this month – #marriageworks. To me, those words have two meanings:

  1. Marriage Works – God ordained marriage and said that it was good. Marriage is God’s idea, and everything He does is good. Some days I feel like it’s impossible to keep us connected, much less have any romance in our daily lives when we’re just trying to pay the bills and make it to the next day! It’s then that this truth encourages me. When I feel like it just isn’t worth trying, I’m reminded that my marriage is a gift given and created by God, and it pleases Him to give us grace and strength for the hard days.
  2. Marriage Works – In this sense, “works” is the verb. In order for our marriage to work, I have to work at it every day. Some days that means getting up early to make breakfast, other days it means sitting down to watch TV together. There are days that it means swallowing my pride and saying I’m sorry or choosing not to point out a flaw that seems so obvious to me.

I hope you’ll join in the #MondayMarriageMatters challenge – of course you don’t have to post it on Instagram unless you choose to do that, but I love seeing what you share! There are over 100 posts under the #MondayMarriageMatters hashtag – head over there for some great marriage advice!

Take a moment this week and do something special for your marriage – because it matters!

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23 thoughts on “Marriage Works {August Marriage Matters Recap}

  1. I like these pictures! One thing I try to remember is that the little, simple things, such as “Jeopardy” and the cinnamon bun scones, will be the most important things in the end. Our sixth anniversary is approaching, and I find that most of my favorite memories are not fancy or exciting, but are everyday things.


  2. I think these posts are wonderful! I especially like your #marriageworks hashtag, and the meanings behind it. Seven years in (13 together), I can definitely say that you truly have to work at marriage. It doesn’t always come easy. You have to make sacrifices (be they small or big), not hold grudges, be the bigger person at times. . .it’s work but it’s worth it.



  3. So sweet! I got out of the habit of making my husband’s lunch for him and I vowed to start back up this week. He was so appreciative to have a yummy lunch ready to go each morning and so it was a good reminder that a little effort on my part goes a long way 🙂


  4. As always, Whitney, I loved this post! I have to try to remember to join in on Instagram! It should be easier to remember once we are all settled in again. 😉


  5. I’ve been loving your Marriage Matters posts on IG! I must have missed a few this month, because the camp sign had me all sniffly and mushy. That’s just adorable!!! I love your point about Marriage being a true gift from God. We need to treat it that way. It’s a great perspective that I need to remind myself of when it seems easier to nag. (And nagging comes easily to me)


    1. Paul is much more likely to come home with a techy gadget than something sentimental like that sign, so it is super special when he picks up little gift for me. 🙂 Oh I’ve achieved expert nagging status. It is something I do very well, unfortunately. :/


  6. I love your marriage matters and work posts. They are so inspirational. We should always try to do things go brighten up our spouses day. “I love you to the moon and back” is one of our favorite sayings too. Have a blessed day!


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