August’s New Recipes

What we ate in August including new recipes we'll make again! via

Another month has come and gone, and since it was a summer month I’m waving a fond farewell to August! Let’s look back at a few new recipes I tried this month (and some summer must-haves).

New Recipe #1: Easy Garlic Parmesan Chicken

I failed to get a picture of this dish, but please trust me that it was amazing. I used chicken tenders and it took less than 20 minutes to bake! The seasoning gives the chicken amazing flavor – my husband always dips chicken in Ranch, but not this recipe! I just recently discovered the Plain Chicken website, but she has so many good recipes that I’m excited to try.

New Recipe #2: Oreo Triple Layer Chocolate Pie

This is the other one I failed to photograph (not sure what my deal was this month!), but it was also amazing. My husband said this is better than French Silk Pie, which he has always claimed is his favorite dessert. This pie is perfect for summer and can be made ahead of time if you’re serving it for company.

New Recipe #3: Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken 

Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

While this dish requires a little more hands-on time than my usual supper routine, it’s so worth it. One tip I’ll pass along – I doubled the sauce recipe and had just enough to drizzle on my rice. It gets very thick while baking (as it should) and really reduces down in the pan. If you like a lot of sauce on your rice, you might want to triple the recipe. 🙂

We ate a lot of ice cream this month. When it’s hot outside, ice cream just makes everything better! My two favorites this summer have been Turkey Hill Double Dunker and Friendly’s Chocolate Cherry Chunk. We also enjoyed our local South Carolina peaches for breakfast, snacks and on top of cereal.

For lunches at work, I tried to mix it up and eat a few different things. Whitney Jordan’s salads always look so amazing – she inspired me to make this salad with leftover Marinated London Broil, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, peas and ranch dressing. It was delicious!

Steak Salad for a Work Day Lunch

Have you tried any new recipes lately? I’ve teamed up again this month with some of my favorite girls to share all the new recipes we tried and loved during August. Be sure to visit their posts (linked below) for lots of new recipe ideas! We all have fairly different cooking styles & preferences, so I know there will be something for everyone.

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Have a lovely week!

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21 thoughts on “August’s New Recipes

  1. I know I rarely comment but I do want you to know that I enjoy your blog so much! I read and watch every one of your posts! It’s so fun and I especially look forward to your videos! It’s like having a little visit from my friend. =) Thank you, Whitney!
    Love ~ Amber


  2. Great-sounding recipes, Whitney! I’ve pinned and saved the sweet and sour chicken and the oreo pie recipes. And I had never even heard of Plain Chicken before, but I quickly found I could get lost on that site, probably for hours. Oh, those pie recipes! I only make desserts about once a week, but those pie recipes are so tempting. Thanks for sharing (I think)!


  3. I pinned that sweet and sour chicken recipe to my board after reading this! It looks delicious! I usually find that Asian dishes need more sauce… so I’m constantly doubling the sauce recipe. Thanks for the heads up!


  4. Summer salads are my favorite, so I was drooling over your photo with the London broil. Haven’t tried that yet in my salads! Salads are a great way to stay cool and keep the house cool (no oven!) in the heat. I like to mix them up with a variety of meats, cheeses, veggies, etc. The sky’s pretty much the limit for salads, so you can throw in what you have on hand. It’s a great way to use up extras/leftovers, too!

    I tried a few new recipes this week with my Blue Apron box. The foods were interesting and tasty (aside from the capers and too much garlic in one dish), but there was a lot more food prep time than is do-able on a regular basis. And the cost isn’t exactly cheap for that service! 😉 So thankful for the discounted trial box!


  5. I’m a huge Oreo fan so I’m going to have to give that pie a try!! Especially if Paul says it’s his new favorite pie 🙂 Your steak salad looks amazing!! I’m glad my salads inspired you to whip up one of your own!


  6. I love all the Plain Chicken recipes too! So many good ones on there. That baked sweet and sour chicken does look really good, and thanks for the tip on the sauce. I always double sauce recipes. There never seems to be enough.


  7. I love it when we get on the same blogging-wavelength ;-). I blogged about food today, too! I will have to give the baked sweet and sour chicken a try. I need to take a new mommy a meal tomorrow and the daddy can’t have dairy…I think your recipe might be perfect for them! Thanks for the great dinner inspiration :-).


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