Chicken Pot Pie {Picky Eater Approved!}

this post contains affiliate links My husband is such a picky eater and doesn't like recipes that have veggies mixed in with the meat. He likes his veggies on the side and usually in a separate bowl. I try to honor his preferences and make things that I know he'll enjoy, so I've avoided chicken… Continue reading Chicken Pot Pie {Picky Eater Approved!}

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5 Recipes For After Christmas+ H54F Linkup

It's the Friday before Christmas! Whether we travel or celebrate at home, usually the days immediately following Christmas are a struggle with meal planning. Either I forget to plan anything or we come home to an empty fridge. Freezer meals are great, but you have to remember/be home to defrost them! Here are five easy… Continue reading 5 Recipes For After Christmas+ H54F Linkup

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7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}

A couple weeks ago I had a very busy week at my day job, working twice as many hours as I do on a normal week. This only happens about twice a year, but it really makes me grateful to only work part time! I worked full time for 10 years and try not to… Continue reading 7 Recipes For The Busiest of Days {Menu Monday}