Responding With Kindness {September Marriage Matters Recap}


Each Monday I post a picture on Instagram with a snapshot of something we do because marriage matters. You can read more about why we do this on my first Marriage Matters post. Having a strong and happy marriage doesn’t just happen – it takes work!

Here’s a recap of my #MondayMarriageMatters posts from September!

Last month I talked about the hashtag #marriageworks and how it brought me hope. One thing we can all probably stand to work on as wives is the way we respond to our husbands (see the insta from 9/20). When he calls to you from another part of the house, how do you respond? Do you even respond? I know sometimes I’m tempted not to answer, just so he has to walk to where I am instead of me going to see what he needs. I mean really – how ugly and selfish is that?

When he calls you on the phone, how do you answer? I always try to make my voice perky so he knows I’m excited to hear from him, but sometimes the call comes at a truly inconvenient time. Answering the phone in an annoyed tone and rushing him through the conversation always leaves me regretful that I didn’t just take a second and appreciate the fact that he chose to communicate with me! I hope you’ll make an effort this week to answer your husband with kindness and love. I’m working on it too!

I hope you’ll join in the #MondayMarriageMatters challenge – of course you don’t have to post it on Instagram unless you choose to do that, but I love seeing what you share! There are over 100 posts under the #MondayMarriageMatters hashtag – head over there for some great marriage encouragement!

Take a moment this week and do something special for your marriage – because it matters!

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12 thoughts on “Responding With Kindness {September Marriage Matters Recap}

  1. Paul is lucky to have a thoughtful wife like you, Whitney! More people need to put such thought and effort into their marriages. Relationships take work, and there are so many who unrealistically think marriage is supposed to be a “fairytale.”


  2. Your marriage posts are always inspiring for me. My take away this month is “Smiling with my voice!” I am guilty of answering with a rushed tone or not the friendliest if I’m busy doing something else. I am thankful for the phone call to say hello and check in on our day so I’m going to work harder on a sunnier tone all the time. I try hard to text my husband cute pictures/videos of our kids during the day to say hello and so he feels included on what we’re up to. So I’ll be texting and talking with a smile 🙂


  3. A marriage counselor who spoke to our MOPs group said that 70% of conflicts could be avoided with just a change in the tone of voice. I am married to a man who is fairly gruff in his tone of voice and I have worked for 40 years on speaking sweetly to him, hoping for a change. ( And to be honest I may have exaggerated that last sentence!) But he does realize he sounds “mean” sometimes when he is just being direct. Of course he is half Yankee so I have to cut him some slack. Thanks for the reminder that no matter how long you have been married, be sweet to each other. Great advice.


  4. Wonderful insights, Whitney! I really liked your thoughts about how we respond when hubby calls to us from another part of the house. My hubby has hearing loss and ringing in one ear, so I’m learning that he really needs for me to be facing him when I communicate with him. It can be a nuisance to try to go where he is, but really, it’s the only way. As you said, how ugly and selfish when we don’t want to take the time to do that. Thanks so much for sharing your insights. We’ve been married over 40 years but there is still plenty to learn about marriage.


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