Good Days {October Marriage Matters Recap}


Each Monday I post a picture on Instagram with a snapshot of something we do because marriage matters. You can read more about why we do this on my first Marriage Matters post. Having a strong and happy marriage doesn’t just happen – it takes work! The things I share each Monday aren’t things we’ve mastered. We certainly have our rough days, but the good ones are so good that they make the rough days worth it!

Here’s a recap of my #MondayMarriageMatters posts from October!

I hope you’ll join in the #MondayMarriageMatters challenge – of course you don’t have to post it on Instagram unless you choose to do that, but I love seeing what you share! There are over 175 posts under the #MondayMarriageMatters hashtag – head over there for some great marriage encouragement!

Take a moment this week and do something special for your marriage – because it matters!

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12 thoughts on “Good Days {October Marriage Matters Recap}

  1. Yes! The good days make the rough days worth it. Thanks for sharing your encouragement and inspiration each week. I missed the last one you shared on Instagram. That is too funny!


  2. While I’m not married, I’ve witnessed the good/bad days with my parents and other family/friends. Marriage takes effort, that’s for sure! Having those good days gives you something to hold onto through the rough patches.


  3. I love your focus on marriage and making the effort to do things for Paul. It’s inspiring and I’m always looking for ways to improve in this area. I love watching other people on snapchat, but I’ve yet to master it. I’m sure we’d have a fun time playing around with the filters. I’m not familiar with The Generous Wife so I’ve got to look her blog up. Yesterday I spent my me time making cinnamon rolls for my husband because I know they’re his favorite. They take longer than other desserts so he always appreciates when I go to the extra effort. The laundry didn’t get done yesterday, but he felt special and we all got to enjoy a treat. I’d call that a win 🙂


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