10 Minute Organization: The Spice Cabinet

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Have you ever started to use a spice (like paprika, cinnamon or Italian seasoning) and then realized it was expired? This happens so easily because many spices expire long before you reach the end of the supply! A few weeks ago I decided to check the expiration dates on all my spices and found a cream of tartar that expired in 2005. It’s clearly been a long time since I made snickerdoodles!

I also noticed that my spice organizer needed to be cleaned out, so I pulled it out of the cabinet and just washed it with soap and water. I wiped off all the containers and decided to re-organize the way they were stored in the drawers. Since I don’t have loads of spices, I grouped them by type. Each drawer holds spices that I typically reach for at the same time – the three most often being garlic powder, onion powder and Italian seasoning. I used to have all three of those on different drawers. Now instead of pulling all three drawers open, I only need to open one.

Most of my organizing products come from the Dollar Tree, but I really do love this spice organizer! It fits perfectly in the cabinet by my stove. I used my label maker for the current labels on the front, but I’ve also hand-written the spices on plain labels in the past. I do like these labels a little better because unlike paper ones, they can be wiped clean.

I registered for that spice rack in 2010 and it is no longer sold at Bed Bath & Beyond – here are a few similar ones on Amazon in a metal and a plastic version.

Sometimes the smallest things make a huge difference! You might not find this system to be the best for you, but I challenge you to just look at your spices to see if there’s a way you could make them work better for you! I love the way Laura utilized her “hard working” Susan to organize her stash of spices – check it out here! If nothing else, check those expiration dates and make sure your cream of tartar isn’t 13 years old.  🙂


6 thoughts on “10 Minute Organization: The Spice Cabinet

  1. First of all, your organizational skills just astound me. I mean, I don’t even know where to start. Organizing causes something to kind of snap in my brain, lol. Luckily I have friends who love to help me figure things out. My whole kitchen is organized thanks to a few friends who simply love sharing their gift with others! How nice is that? I’m also very jealous of your label maker. I think that would be a helpful tool for homeschooling. I’m going to have to look into that!


  2. Good system!! I cleaned out my spices last year and was shocked to find some were very expired. I organize my spices by main course and dessert in a cabinet by the stove. I just use them in the store containers unless it’s something bigger like baking soda and that has its own jar.


    1. Snickerdoodles…… need to make more snickerdoodles! And yes, I’m referring to the cream of tarter…. ps: love the spice organizer; may have to check that one out!


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