Kitchen Cabinet Organization

10 Minute Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Having an organized home requires maintenance. I’ve said that many times before on the blog, and I’ll keep saying it – because it’s true! Several years ago, I went on a major organizing spree and put most of my cabinets, drawers and closets in order. It was a great start and most of those systems are still working for me today. One kitchen cabinet, however, was really in need of a re-do. Taking dishes out of the cabinet and then putting them away had become an annoying chore.

That’s the signal that you need to re-organize –ย when you have no desire to access a space or to put things away in that space because you know it’s going to be frustrating. Here’s what it looked like before the re-do. Ugh.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization 1

The items toward the front of each shelf are things I use several times a week: mixing bowls, pasta strainer, food processor and my cute little turquoise fruit containers. The other things in the cabinet were totally useless on a daily basis, from a trifle bowl to a Tupperware lid that had no matching container. Tupperware doesn’t even go in that cabinet.

I pulled out the non-essentials and found homes for them in places that were more suited to how often I needed them (that lid went in the trash). Then I re-organized what was left and in less than 10 minutes I had a really nice cabinet that isn’t a pain to access!

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

That’s all it takes! As with any well-organized space, I get a feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment every time I open the cabinet. What could ten minutes do for that annoying space in your home?

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18 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinet Organization

  1. Inspiring post, Whitney! I need to clean and reorganize ALL of my cabinets. Finding the time is another matter. None of mine could be done in 10 minutes … we are talking 40 years worth of stuff (and yes, I have, in recent years, given much to our homeless shelter, our local charity thrift stores, and have thrown away many other things). Our cabinets are old and small and don’t have the luxuries like lazy Susans or pullout storage). I know I have to start somewhere, and soon. Just too much eldercare and other big responsibilities in my life right now. Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. You’re so right about organizing requiring maintenance. I’m making myself work through some problem areas right now because I found myself avoiding our hall closet and a few drawers due to their messy state. Good job reworking your cabinet to make it work for you.


  3. I love that you didn’t purchase organizing bins, or shelves etc. and that it looks so neat and the items seem easily accessable. It is amazing what 10 minutes does to organize a space. Yesterday, I took a little extra time to just re- fold and hang a few items in my closet the right way and now, I actually enjoyed finding something to wear this morning! Isn’t it amazing what we can accomplish in just 10 minutes?
    Very nice post. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I organized my Lock and Lock cabinet the other day. I have switched to that brand instead of Tupperware. I had to really work to get it sorted. I have a Bowl cabinet that needs attention. The problem is that several of the bowls are never used but there they sit. I am going to take them out of the cabinet and leave only those I use on a regular basis. I am already packing some boxes of kitchen “extras” to take to the new little house. I really think I have enough extras to equip another kitchen.


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