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Menu Plan With Me!

Menu Plan with Me

Since I share my weekly menu plans almost every Monday, I thought it would be fun to show you how I decide what to put on those menus. I sat down in my usual spot, planned a menu and talked you through the process!

Here are the links I mentioned:

Successful Recipes on Pinterest
Recipes To Try on Pinterest
Menu Planning on a Budget
This Week’s Grocery Haul

Do you plan your menu before or after you visit the grocery store?

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18 thoughts on “Menu Plan With Me!

  1. This was great! Thank you for sharing your process with us! My menu planning is similar. I “shop” the flyer before I decide what I will purchase and make for meals. I need to try some new recipes, though. Your master list of meals is impressive!


  2. Fabulous post! I like your process. I plan to use some of your tips and check out your links this weekend as I attempt to make out February’s meal plan. Have a wonderful day!


  3. I plan out my meals every Sunday and it’s such a lifesaver! I love your processing you offer some great tips my friend! Have a wonderful day


  4. I liked seeing your process! I also like your master list of meals your family enjoys. I had my husband make me a list of his favorite meals on my phone so I try to incorporate those regularly into our routine. I plan my menu before I head to the store most weeks so I can pick up ingredients for any new recipes. Then I plan my menu with the most perishable dinners happening early in the week. I have a “keepers” and “I’d like to try this” board on Pinterest for recipes, but could definitely do a better job of keeping them current. I love the idea of being able to access the recipes at the store if you needed to.


  5. Pinterest has helped me to come up with some new recipes. I also enjoy Christy Jordan’s site and many of the bloggers on my blog roll are good cooks. I am making one of Mari’s recipes tonight.( My Little Corner of the World.)


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