Chili, BBQ and Apple Pie! {Menu Monday}

this post contains affiliate links Last week I pulled out the slow cooker and made the first batch of chili since last winter! I was hoping for some fall temperatures to go along with it and it looks like this week I'll finally get my wish. Our forecast for this week is high 70's with… Continue reading Chili, BBQ and Apple Pie! {Menu Monday}


Real Life, Good Food {Menu Monday}

I love sharing menu plans that are REAL LIFE! This is a true-to-life look at what we ate for meals a couple weeks ago. These are all very simple recipes that use inexpensive ingredients, but they're also really delicious! On The Menu  Breakfast:  Smoothies Avocado on Toast Cereal Lunch: Leftovers Salads: Spring Mix, Cucumber, Tomato,… Continue reading Real Life, Good Food {Menu Monday}

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Trying Something New {Menu Monday}

I'm trying something a little different with menu planning! For the summer I decided to try the themed approach to meal planning instead of just picking 5 or 6 meals that sound good and that correspond to my pantry inventory. Here's what I came up with: Monday: Italian Tuesday: Tacos (obviously!) Wednesday: Sandwiches - because… Continue reading Trying Something New {Menu Monday}