I’m Just Tired

"I just want a normal week without sickness or surprises." "I just want a day where the only person I have to take care of is myself." "I just want this to be over." "I'm just tired." All of those phrases came up in conversations I had with various people recently. After almost two full… Continue reading I’m Just Tired


Simone Biles, Our Feelings, and The Bible

Why do many people seem eager to relate to and empathize with Simone Biles? Here's the situation: the greatest female gymnast of all time decided to withdraw from competition in the middle of the biggest competition in the world, the Olympics. Here's what I'm not commenting on: whether or not I think Simone Biles should… Continue reading Simone Biles, Our Feelings, and The Bible


Disney World in 2021: Is It Magical? What’s It Like? {FAQ’s}

We spent 5 days at Disney World in January 2021. As we got closer to our arrival date, I was a little concerned that the current restrictions and changes due to the Coronavirus would make it less than magical. When you're spending over $2,000 on a vacation you want to make sure it's worth the… Continue reading Disney World in 2021: Is It Magical? What’s It Like? {FAQ’s}

Enjoying The Journey · Friday Favorites

High Five For…2020!

Let's be honest - you might be thinking you'd rather kick 2020 in the behind instead of giving it a high five! However, the past is not about us. The past is about God's faithfulness. This year hasn't been the greatest. There have been so many moments of uncertainty, fear, frustration and disappointment. But there… Continue reading High Five For…2020!


This Has Not Been Cancelled

Did you know that the absolute Truth of God's Word hasn't been cancelled by Covid? It absolutely applies to the things we face today - uncertainty, cancellations, rules and restrictions, sickness, fear and unrest. This week I've been thinking about three pillars from the book Experiencing God (a study that deeply impacted me as a… Continue reading This Has Not Been Cancelled

Friday Favorites · Frugal Living

5 On Friday: Online Shopping Tips and Favorites

This post contains affiliate links and items I was sent in exchange for a review. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. #sponsored #ad ❤ I always find myself doing more online shopping in the summer. Not being a huge fan of hot weather, I prefer to not… Continue reading 5 On Friday: Online Shopping Tips and Favorites