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Paul is 40!

Paul turned 40 last week! I’ve been thinking and planning about how to celebrate this special birthday since this time last year. Due to the Coronavirus, this was plan B or C, but we still had lots of fun and I think he really felt celebrated and loved. That’s the most important part!

I hosted a party for Paul’s side of the family (the ones who are local) at TopGolf, which is a modern twist on a driving range. The whole idea of TopGolf is that you can score points by hitting micro-chipped golf balls at giant dartboard-like targets on the outfield.

Each booth has a table with seating for your whole group, so we were able to eat and talk in between turns. It was the perfect, casual party with great food and entertainment.

As you can tell from my awesome stance, I couldn’t get the ball past the yellow targets. 🙂 At least there were tacos!

Paul had good competition with his Dad and brother, but it was something we could all enjoy and participate in together. It was a fun plan C!

We went to his parents house afterward for dessert – Paul’s mom is always great with themed decor. 🙂

I think 40 looks pretty good on him! 🙂

Being super sentimental as I am, this birthday felt extra special because the first one we celebrated together was his 30th. It’s fun to have celebrated an entire decade together, with many more to look forward to! I’m so thankful that God’s hand brought us together and that His grace keeps us together. ❤

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4 thoughts on “Paul is 40!

  1. Great job planning such a fun 40th party for Paul! I’ve heard great things about Top Golf. Their food looked delicious. Good job for bringing everyone together to celebrate him. It looks like the perfect party.


  2. Great pics and celebration for this great guy we love! Looks like a perfect party for a sports-loving man! Good job planning something so special even during all the restrictions!
    P.S. I bet you could’ve gotten that golf ball farther if you would have turned to the opposite side and hit the ball left-handed!

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