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Confessions {2.19.21}

It’s time for another round of confessions, where I share some funny or awkward things that have happened to me. Here we go!

ONE: It pays to be prepared

On our way home from Disney World, we stopped at a gas station in the middle of Georgia. It had been several hours since our last stop, so it was an urgent situation if you know what I mean. There was a long line in the restroom but everyone was avoiding one of the two stalls because it was out of toilet paper.

I thought about suggesting that the next person just grab some TP out of the other stall and take it with them into the empty one, but I really didn’t feel like taking charge of a room full of strangers. So instead I pulled a pack of travel tissues out of my purse and said, “I have tissues, does anyone mind if I use the other stall?”

Nobody objected so I took my chance and patted myself on the back for being prepared. πŸ™‚

TWO: Awkward on the phone

One day recently a lady called to register for a funeral being held at the church where I work. She said “My husband and I were great friends with him (the person who passed away).” Since she’d already given me her name at the beginning of the call (bravo on her excellent phone manners), I asked for her husband’s name so that I could add it to their registration.

She said, “Oh, my husband passed away in December.” Ugh. I felt so bad and apologized for misunderstanding her! She was very gracious and acknowledged that the way she said that was misleading. You just can’t talk your way out of asking about someone who has passed.

THREE: The piano tuner always knocks three times

Every so often a door to door salesman will come through the neighborhood selling solar panels. Last weekend I was mopping the floors (with music playing pretty loudly) and Paul was about to get in the shower. Someone knocked on the front door, but after checking with Paul that he wasn’t expecting anyone, I decided not to answer it. We don’t have family or friends in the area who just drop by and I didn’t recognize the car parked in front of the house.

I moved down the hall to mop the bathroom floors, but the guy kept knocking. After the third round of knocks (typical for a salesman), he started to walk back to his truck. Paul suddenly came running down the hall yelling “Kevin! It’s Kevin!” looking at me as if I should know who “Kevin” was. He had scheduled “Kevin” to tune our piano as a surprise for me and then forgot that he was coming. πŸ™‚

He caught the piano tuner as he was getting in his truck. I waited at the other end of the house for a while and let Paul have the awkward “Sorry we left you in the cold for 5 minutes, we thought you were a salesman” conversation.

Life is full of those times when I wish I could go back and change the way I handled something. Most of the time I just have to laugh at myself and move on! Have you had any similar situations lately? Do you answer the door if you don’t know who it is?

In any case, I hope something I shared at least made you feel better about yourself. Ha! πŸ™‚

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4 thoughts on “Confessions {2.19.21}

  1. I have a funny knocking on the door story… Fletcher was delivering homemade bread to our neighbors for me. We have practiced knocking and then what to say when someone answers. The other day he knocked at our neighbors and came home happy with his job well done. I found out later the neighbors didn’t answer so he just walked right in and handed them their bread. haha They thought it was funny, but I was a little mortified.


  2. Thanks for fessing up! πŸ˜‚ I can totally relate to the phone call conversation! My similar conversation happened in person, which is far worse…there’s no way to hide the embarrassment!


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