Enjoying The Journey

Confessions {2.19.21}

It's time for another round of confessions, where I share some funny or awkward things that have happened to me. Here we go! ONE: It pays to be prepared On our way home from Disney World, we stopped at a gas station in the middle of Georgia. It had been several hours since our last… Continue reading Confessions {2.19.21}

Friday Favorites

5 Pictures On Friday {10.13.17}

Not being one to enjoy spending 5 hours in the outdoors, I don't usually tag along to Paul's lacrosse games. 🙂 He officiates lacrosse at colleges all over the Southeast - but when he's going to Lincoln Memorial University, I jump at the change to join him! This college is located in Tennessee, just across… Continue reading 5 Pictures On Friday {10.13.17}

Enjoying The Journey · Friday Favorites

5 Things I Did This Week To Simplify My Life

1. I controlled the things I could control. This helps me to cope with the things I cannot control. For example, I can't control the crazy backed up construction traffic on my morning commute. I can control my morning schedule by planning my outfit and packing my lunch the night before, getting up on time… Continue reading 5 Things I Did This Week To Simplify My Life

Friday Favorites

High Five For Friday: Post-Halloween Edition

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a lovely week, whether or not you chose to celebrate Halloween. 🙂 Here's what was great about my week: 1. My sweet husband and I enjoyed a great service with The Whisnants on Sunday morning. The Lord used their ministry to encourage us in a great way! 2. Halloween… Continue reading High Five For Friday: Post-Halloween Edition