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High Five For Friday: Post-Halloween Edition

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a lovely week, whether or not you chose to celebrate Halloween. 🙂 Here’s what was great about my week:

H54F Come Home For Comfort1. My sweet husband and I enjoyed a great service with The Whisnants on Sunday morning. The Lord used their ministry to encourage us in a great way!

2. Halloween candy sales. Need I say more?

3. Tim Hawkins’ bit about Halloween candy had Alli and I in hysterical laughter. The corresponding picture above is a clue to our favorite line!

4. Speaking of Alli, I had to resurrect this famous picture of a long-ago Halloween. You have to love the adorable pumpkin and the nonplussed cheerleader. Ha!

5. Poor Thelma Lou had to visit the vet this week. She survived and is again living her life of extreme luxury, which includes snuggling under my down comforter.

How was your week?

I’m linking up with The Lauren Elizabeth for High Five For Friday


3 thoughts on “High Five For Friday: Post-Halloween Edition

  1. I wonder if there is any on-sale Halloween candy left?? 😛 Probably not. I didn’t leave the house yesterday so I didn’t manage to get any, though I was hoping to!


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