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Confessions {2.7.20}

It’s been a year since I did one of these, so let’s have a round of confessions!


During my day job, I answer the phone a lot. If the person helps me out by saying “Hi, this is _____”, I try to respond with something that communicates how much I appreciate that. So I’ll say, “Oh, hello!” or “Hi, ____!” Sometimes that throws people off and they think I’m saying “Hello???” as in I can’t hear them.

One conversation took a rough turn a couple weeks ago and instead of me saying “Yes, I can hear you, hi!” I said, “What are you doing?”Β I have no idea why I said that and it was definitely not appropriate in a work setting. I laughed out loud all day long thinking about it!


I was at a funeral recently, standing next to my Dad. A man that we hadn’t seen in 20 years walked up and began talking with us. A few minutes into the conversation, my Mom walked up. The man stopped talking and looked at mom, then back at me. He said, “Oh, I thought you were Denise!” He thought I was my mom.

Apparently I look a lot like my mom did the last time he saw her…when she was 40! I am definitely fine with looking like my mom, but this is the first time someone actually mistook me for her. It’s just a little crazy to realize your current self looks more like your mom did at 40 than you did at 17. πŸ™‚


You might call me a professional germ freak. A few weeks ago I rented a movie from Redbox and had to spray the case with Lysol before setting it down on the counter. Is that crazy? Or are you nodding your head and saying, “Uh huh! You never know where that has been!”

I use hand sanitizer at least once in a restaurant – after they take the menus. Those things are gross! But then if I touch a condiment, like last night at Cracker Barrel when I poured a little vinegar on my greens, I have to sanitize my hands again. Everyone and their mother has touched those things! πŸ™‚

I hope you got a laugh out of one of these! Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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11 thoughts on “Confessions {2.7.20}

  1. I appreciate your “confessions!” You are a real person and that makes you so loveable! And yes, I am a germaphobe too, much to my family’s dismay ; )


  2. Total germaphobe here. I wipe down library videos, library books, milk jugs, door knobs, light switches, fridge handle, sink faucet handles and the toilet flusher, etc.
    I go into high gear after we have company. Seems to be working as I have not had a cold in months.


  3. I’ve been hand washing and hand sanitizing all the things! Especially when the kids get home from errands or school or appointments. Super scrub their hands!


  4. I am glad I’m not the only one- that likes to sanitized- different stuff -while I am out shopping and at home- it keeps the germs away πŸ™‚


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