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Confessions {2.22.19}

I’ve had some funny things happen to me lately, so I thought you might enjoy commiserating with me – or at least laughing at me! I’m okay with that. Ready?

#1 I’ve had a new car for over three months. Every time I tried to put gas in it, I could not get the gas tank to open. It’s supposed to just spring open when you lightly press it. Twice I had to call my husband to rescue me at the gas station because I really needed gas but couldn’t get the tank to open! He would walk up and pop it open on the first try. I felt like such an idiot! I could easily open it when he was standing there, but the next time I tried it on my own – nothing.

It turns out that when the car is locked, so is the gas tank. I always get out of the car and immediately lock it (safety first!) – and now I know I have to open the gas tank, then lock my doors. The picture above is the celebratory snap I sent Paul after I got gas all by myself for the first time! 🙂


#2 This week I pan-fried some pork chops for supper. All the sudden I noticed that the cats were on alert, running away from the kitchen. The olive oil in my pan started smoking and had filled the entire kitchen/living area with smoke. Isn’t it amazing how fast that happens?? I can’t smell, so I had to turn around to actually see it hanging in the air.

I had to shut the cats in the bedroom, open the front and side doors for a good cross breeze and turn on the living room ceiling fan to get it all cleared out. Did I mention it was 34 degrees and pouring the rain outside? My neighbors probably thought I was nuts.

this was NOT taken during the epic smoking pork chop incident

#3 I broke a dish in TJ Maxx! I reached for a bowl that looked so interesting, and turned it over to see the price on the bottom. As I did that, the “interesting” part of the dish slid right out and crashed on the floor. It wasn’t part of the bowl, just a random saucer someone had placed inside.

Not only did it startle me, the crash went on for what felt like minutes. Haha. I even heard someone gasp “Oh my.” It was just a saucer, not a whole shelf of dishes. A nice employee immediately appeared to help me clean it up and to assure me it was not a problem. For the rest of my shopping trip, I felt like everyone in the store knew it was me and was watching my every move. Ha!


Sometimes you crush it. Other days you can’t open your gas tank, break things in stores and fill your house with smoke. I hope your week has been full of the former and not the latter! 🙂

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Have a lovely weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday – I’m sharing my recipe for Southern Green Beans!

17 thoughts on “Confessions {2.22.19}

  1. Hahaha! Glad you figured out your gas tank. That sounds tricky and frustrating. I pulled up to the wrong side to fill up the other day (on my van that I’ve had for a year) and was embarrassed that I had to get back in my car to pull to a new spot. We had lunch at chick fil a yesterday and I could not find the trash can to throw away our lunch trash. I wandered around the whole restaurant before just handing my tray off to a kind hostess. Guess they were moving them around, but I felt silly. Hope you have an uneventful weekend 🙂


    1. That’s crazy about Chick Fil A – but I know what you mean! They remodeled our store and the condiment section is in a random corner of the restaurant that’s so hard to get to. I’m glad someone came to your rescue!


  2. Well when I get a new car, I will have to remember that Whitney because I always lock my car while filling up as well. And TJ Maxx….sometimes their products are displayed willy nilly and that just leads to an accident. Oh I can smell and I set my kitchen on fire with oil for french fries when we lived in Huntsville. The fire department came and set up big fans to get the smell out but even after it was painted, it seemed I could still smell smoke in there. So you are not alone but I now what you mean!!:)


    1. Thanks for commiserating! I even read the user manual when I got my car, and I never remember reading anything about that lock on the gas tank. Haha! You’re right – the dishes are just an accident waiting to happen. And I’m glad your kitchen fire didn’t get any worse than it did – that sounds awful!


  3. This totally sounds like things I do. At least only one of them was public (well at least until now!) 😆 Thanks for sharing so we could laugh with you. On to a smoother weekend!!


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