How To Find Affordable Blue And White Decor

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Over the last couple years I’ve acquired a nice collection of blue and white pieces: dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, tea cups/mugs, vases and decorative bowls. They have become a valued part of my decorating essentials! You will see blue and white pieces in all of my seasonal decor from 2018 and will continue to see it sprinkled throughout my home.

As a frugal person, I never pay much for my blue and white pieces. You can find gorgeous things online, in specialty shops and everywhere else that are priced WAY out of my range.

I’ve paid $10 or less for each of my items. Today I’m rounding up a few of my favorite places to buy blue and white dishes, vases and decor and I’m also giving you a few tips for maximizing your savings. Let’s go shopping!

my latest find at TJ Maxx – $7

TJ Maxx: This is where I’ve purchased accent/serving bowls, coffee cups and other individual pieces. It’s fun to browse the aisles and find little treasures – just be careful not to break anything. πŸ™‚

I always shop in store, but if you want to browse their blue and white selection online there’s plenty to look at!

(Ross, Marshalls and HomeGoods are also great places to find blue and white pieces!)

Belk: None of my pieces have come from Belk but I had to include this deal! I have this Johnson Brothers pattern in the cereal bowls, and it is such a beautiful pattern. I can only imagine that the dinner plates are beautiful!

Wait until you can combine a sale with a $10 off coupon and maybe only buy one or two at a time to maximize savings. If you’re shopping online (at any store!), make sure you use Ebates to get cash back and find all the applicable coupon codes!

Target: I saw these Melamine plates just this week and couldn’t get over how beautiful they are! I’ve purchased several of these inexpensive plates over the years – they are perfect as decor for the plate rack in my dining room. Nobody can tell they are plastic, and there’s no worry of them falling or breaking.

Secondhand Shopping – Thrift Stores & Antique Stores

With these places you just have to pop in there every once and a while to see what they have! Almost all of my vases and European made pieces have been thrifted. I’ve had much better luck finding blue and white treasures in local thrift stores as opposed to Goodwill.

I gave a few tips on finding good deals in antique stores in this video below – but the tips apply to thrift shopping, too. Hopefully it will help you in your search!

My last tip is to ask for specific pieces as gifts! I’ve asked my Mom for blue and white dishes the last couple years, and she has really come through! πŸ™‚ The blue and white plates that you see often on Instagram, my beloved Johnson Brothers bowls I mentioned earlier as well as a few other pieces are all thing she (and my Dad) have gifted me. That’s the most inexpensive way to collect things! πŸ™‚

Have you found good deals on blue and white dishes somewhere else? I would love to hear your tips!


4 thoughts on “How To Find Affordable Blue And White Decor

  1. What a fun collection!! It’s been neat to see your dishes featured all throughout your home. I always think of you (and my MIL) when I see blue and white dishes. That’s a great idea to ask for them for gifts


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