My Home Decor Essentials


I love to change the decor in my home frequently, whether it’s decorating for holidays or just putting together different displays throughout the year. Over the past ten years or so I’ve collected some basic pieces that help me do just that!

By no means am I a professional decorator, but I’ve picked up few tricks over the years that help me to at least arrange my things in a way that is cozy and pleasing on a modest scale – which is where I think most of us live! When I combine those tricks with my favorite decor pieces, I find it’s pretty easy to re-create a tablescape or display that I see on Pinterest, Instagram or in a magazine (my favorite way to decorate!).

Here are some of the workhorse pieces that I reach for over and over when decorating my home for the seasons:

  • Trays
  • Candle holders (I called them candlesticks in the video)
  • Chalkboards
  • Dollar Tree picture frames
  • Pretty bowls
  • Fillers – pine cones, faux fruit
  • Battery operated twinkle lights
  • Runners and place mats
  • Floral arrangements and greenery
  • Cake pedestals
  • Old books

Here are some examples of those pieces in action:


How To Style Your Coffee Table via

tray/fruit bowl/old books

Patriotic Kitchen Decor via 5

white candle holders/old books

Summertime Decor via 2

ikea greenery/reflective container

Summertime Decor via 6

clear glass container/old books


candle holder/pine cone filler

DIY Gold Pumpkins via

old books/candle holders/reflective lantern/cheap frame

Fall Home Tour 2015 via

cake pedestal/burlap runner

Christmas Home Tour 2015 4

candle holder/reflective lantern/ikea greenery/old books/chalboard/filler (marbles)

He is Risen

faux lemons/placemat

Dining Area Before via

basic white bowl/tray/placemat

Menu Monday August

tray/glass container/pine cones/runner


runner/candle holder/pine cones/glass containers




candle holder/cake pedestal


cheap picture frame

Winter decor for the bathroom via 3

reflective lantern/glass container

House Tour Christmas 2014 6

cheap frame/candle holders/filler/glass container

Decorating for Thanksgiving Come Home For Comfort 2

tray/old books

Decorating For Fall Come Home For Comfort 5

What is your home decor essential? Do you have a piece that you reach for over and over? 



22 thoughts on “My Home Decor Essentials

  1. Bringing a bit of nature indoors is something I enjoy, and it appears that you do, too. If it’s spring, there are bunnies and flowers; more flowers and Americana for summer; pumpkins and leaves for fall; and pinecones, trees, snowflakes, etc. for winter. I also have several seasonal candles with pretty labels I like to display as part of my decor. Bath & Body Works is great for candles, but they can be pricey if you don’t hit up a good sale.


  2. SO many pretty things. I am completely obsessed with pinecones. Anytime I fins any laying on the ground I grab them, lol!


  3. I just love this post! I’m often overwhelmed when confronted by all the options available at T.J. Maxx or Hobby Lobby decor clearance aisles so it’s helpful to have it broken down into a list of essentials that are versatile and good for all seasons! I always love your videos too, morning or night! 😉 Your home seems like truly a haven of comfort and your blog is a little haven for me on the internet! Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you, Tina! I’m so glad it was helpful. I get overwhelmed when I’m shopping for home decor too, unless I have a list. 🙂 Your sweet words about my blog and my home touched my heart – thank you! ❤


  4. I love decorating my home and changing things up continually for different seasons and holidays, and just to freshen things up, so this is right up my alley! I always adore your style and look forward to watching your vid! Thanks so much for sharing, friend! xo – Brenda //


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