Winter Decor {2018}

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I absolutely love cozy winter days at home. Since our winter weather usually only lasts through January and February, I try to make the most of those months! Decorating for winter isn’t that much different than decorating for Christmas – it’s all about lights, layers and coziness.

I picked up a new Olive Wreath at Hobby Lobby for the front door, but the side door is decorated with my go-to wreath for January and February. It’s the same one I use for Christmas with burlap ribbon instead of plaid!

Come into the house and you’ll find lots of cozy layers, twinkle lights…and probably a cat or two. πŸ™‚

Other than the Olive Wreath (that I plan to use year round), I haven’t purchased any new decor. I just re-arranged things I had and pulled basic pieces from my decorating essentials!

See? There’s the kitty! πŸ™‚

These red candles look pink when they’re burning…and I really think white pillar candles would look better, but I’m using what I have!

No cozy day at home is complete without a perfect cup of coffee.

I know winter isn’t everyone’s favorite season, but I hope you’re able to enjoy a little bit of coziness this month!

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9 thoughts on “Winter Decor {2018}

  1. Very cozy! I like the red/pink candles, they’re so appropriate for Valentine’s Day coming up! I totally agree that a warm beverage tops off a winter day. It’s usually hot tea for me, but I also enjoy caramel macchiatos and lattes. Your new coffee machine would be so fun to experiment with!


      1. Less calories and caffeine is awesome! And I’m not sure if it’s the tea, but since I started drinking at least a cup daily (back in 2006) I’ve not had nearly as many colds. πŸ™‚

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  2. Your home looks lovely! I’ve got pinecones, winter whites and some twinkly lights up at my house. I love your new wreath. I’ve had my eye on some different olive greenery and need to see what my Hobby Lobby has out. I should probably own an Olive wreath though right!?!

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  3. I was just watching Eclectic Kristen’s home tour on You Tube and she mentioned a winter decorating style that is popular right now. It is a Danish word that sounds like Who Ga. It is spelled Hugge. Your tour reminds me of that same style, cozy and using touches of nature and candles. I am trying to purge as I do each January which should be a clue that I need to be more minimalist since I have to purge every year. lol There are just so many pretty things that I want to bring home from TJ Maxx.:)


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