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How To Choose A Wedding Gift That Won’t Be Returned {my favorite registry items!}

It’s wedding season which means many of us will be headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target or Amazon to purchase things from someone’s registry. When you choose a gift off someone’s registry, don’t you silently wish that your gift will be one they keep and enjoy – and not something they cash in for gift cards? 🙂 

It’s been eight years since I registered for wedding gifts and there are a few items that came straight off my registry that remain some of my most beloved kitchen pieces to this day. I’m sharing them with you today in hopes that you will be inspired to purchase that perfect registry gift that is so loved and cherished!

Here are three of my favorite wedding gifts! I linked them to Bed, Bath and Beyond (affiliate links) because I feel like that’s still a main spot for wedding registries. However, don’t be afraid to look around at TJ Maxx or Home Goods. You can find the same stuff at a much lower price! There’s no shame in that! 🙂

#1 Rimmed Cutting Board

Why I love it: This cutting board is huge, making all chopping much easier to begin with. The rim around the edge is perfect for slicing meat, watermelon or anything that might be a little juicy. It catches the liquid and keeps it from spilling on the counter. I love that you can throw the board in the dishwasher, too. (I didn’t include a picture of it because it’s not pretty…but it’s such a great thing to have! You’ve seen it in my food prep videos!)

What you should buy as a gift: Something that you couldn’t do without in your kitchen! Do you have a favorite knife, chopper, pan or anything else that just makes life easier in the kitchen? Those things make great gifts!

#2 White Cake Pedestal

Why I love it: I use my cake pedestal for both food service and home decor! The white pedestal I registered for is one of my decorating essentials. I’ve used it in centerpieces and groupings all over the house. I don’t make a lot of cakes, but I love using my cake pedestal to display store-bought cakes, homemade pies, plates of pigs in a blanket or a bowl of fruit!

What you should buy as a gift: I think that neutral, basic serving pieces are so versatile! Pitchers can hold beverages, flowers or kitchen utensils. Pedestals and trays are perfect for decorating and for serving. Think of something you reach for every time you’re preparing to have company and pick up something similar.

#3 Basic Tablecloth 

Why I love it: I registered for an oblong red tablecloth because red was one of my primary decorating colors back in 2010. Even though my house doesn’t have much red at all these days, I still use that tablecloth all the time! I’ve used it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and patriotic celebrations.

What you should buy as a gift: Any basic linens will serve a home so well! A set of cloth napkins, a large tablecloth or a pretty runner in a neutral tone are all things that make a huge difference in the warmth of a table setting.

I hope you picked up on my theme of giving gifts you personally love! I think that’s the best way to personalize a wedding gift that the recipient chose for themselves. 🙂 If you’re a bride-to-be (congrats!), check out this post with my sister’s best tips for creating your registry!



6 thoughts on “How To Choose A Wedding Gift That Won’t Be Returned {my favorite registry items!}

  1. Giving something you love is a great way to add meaning to the gifts! I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve taken the easy way out a few times and given gift cards to a home store so the bride and groom could pick out their own thing(s). It’s hard to know what to buy sometimes, especially when the couple seems to have everything.


  2. Fun assortment! My most used wedding registry items were my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, everyday dishes, an insulated 9×13 travel case, cake plates, monogrammed beach towels and a set of silver lamps. It makes me so happy to think of those who came to celebrate our wedding with us when I see those items in my home.


  3. I am off to purchase a graduation gift for my cousin who is graduating from College. We have a nice gift store here that has quite a selection of nice gifts for several occasions this time of the year. My problem is I start looking at things to buy for myself.:)


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