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Old Favorites {Menu Monday}

When I made my menu this week, I scrolled to the bottom of my Main Dishes Pinterest board and found some really great dishes I haven’t made in a long time! I’m excited to have dinner with a few old friends this week! What?! You don’t refer to your recipes as old friends? 😉

Is there a dish you used to make all the time but haven’t tried in a while? Scroll down a little farther, dig a little deeper in your recipe file, do whatever you have to do – just mix it up! 🙂

The lasagna pictured above was something I made a few weeks ago – but it’s a delicious recipe, too.

On The Menu 


  • Fruit and Yogurt
  • Avocado on Toast


  • Burrito Bowls (I made extra last week and put individual servings in the freezer)
  • Chicken Salad Leftovers


Need more menu planning inspiration? Follow my Weekly Menu Plans Pinterest board!




6 thoughts on “Old Favorites {Menu Monday}

  1. LOL about the “old friends!” 😉 Tacos is something we don’t often have, but with Cinco de Mayo coming up…..they’re sure to make an appearance soon! I have a list of summer foods that will be frequenting the dinner menu in the next few months. It’s fun to search online to add some freshness to mealtime.


  2. I think I’m going to have to follow your lead and start calling our favorite recipes old friends 🙂 I love that! I haven’t tried many new recipes lately either. Just sticking to our favorites. Maybe now that warmer weather has arrived I’ll get more adventurous.


  3. Whitney I just love your Menu Mondays! My meal rotation can get pretty repetitive and boring so you always give me some great new ideas just when I need them! Have a great evening!


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