Kitchen Spring Decor {2019}

Decorating for spring doesn’t mean you have to cover your house with pastels, bunnies and plastic eggs! You can lighten up your decor by incorporating a new texture or color, bringing in some florals or adding some new greenery. Here’s what I did in the kitchen this spring!

I bought my two-tiered stand in the Target Dollar Spot right after Christmas and have been waiting for the right time to pull it out. I decided this was it! Along with fresh produce and a new blue and white pitcher my mom gifted me, it was the perfect place to display the eggs I covered in scrapbook paper.

I decided to introduce some green into the kitchen – I don’t think I’ve ever used green in here! Deep green looks so pretty against blue and white, so I added a Dollar Tree succulent and my Cracker Barrel pepper birdie (she doesn’t have a salt mate so I just use her for decor). πŸ™‚

Both of the cups below were thrifted for less than $2 each – one was made in France and the other in England!

This is a tricky spot to photograph, since it’s tucked under the cabinet, but I have to show you my new blue and white salt & pepper set!

I found those on a random shelf at Walmart in nothing but a plain plastic package. No name brand, price or anything. We took them to customer service and were thrilled when the associate offered them for $3. Sold! πŸ™‚

This corner of the kitchen doesn’t have anything that’s inherently “spring,” but it still flows with the rest of the room. I definitely bought green apples because I thought they would look pretty in this spot – I confess!

And while we’re talking about spring decor, here’s my new tulip wreath for the side door! Having a white exterior door in the land of pollen and red clay is such a bad idea. I spent several minutes scrubbing it down with a rag and magic eraser before I took this picture. πŸ™‚

Have you decorated for spring? If not, lighten up the fabric or other textures in your home and try incorporating a new color!


3 thoughts on “Kitchen Spring Decor {2019}

  1. Pretty! Love the addition of green to your kitchen. My house is decorated for St Patrick’s Day right now and I’ll switch to Easter next week. I’m so glad these 2 holidays are so far apart this year.


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