How To Find Affordable Blue And White Decor

this post contains affiliate links Over the last couple years I've acquired a nice collection of blue and white pieces: dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, tea cups/mugs, vases and decorative bowls. They have become a valued part of my decorating essentials! You will see blue and white pieces in all of my seasonal decor from… Continue reading How To Find Affordable Blue And White Decor


Kitchen Table Centerpiece {Christmas Goodwill Challenge}

I've finally gotten the hang of thrifting! I can't wait to show you what I found for this year's Christmas Goodwill challenge! In case you're not familiar with this challenge, it is where you spend $5 or less on a secondhand item that you can use to decorate your home for the season. It's such… Continue reading Kitchen Table Centerpiece {Christmas Goodwill Challenge}

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Blue and White Decor | Summer Goodwill Challenge

I'm slowly adding to my collection of blue and white home decor - thanks in no small part to these Goodwill challenges! For the past year or so I've participated in seasonal Goodwill challenges where you have to find something secondhand for $5 or less, and then incorporate it into your home decor. This time… Continue reading Blue and White Decor | Summer Goodwill Challenge

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Sweet Santa Tray {$5 Goodwill Challenge}

Happy Monday! Today officially begins my 12 Days of Christmas video series! I'm sharing a few of those videos here on the blog, but make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel or visit this page to see all 12 videos. Today you'll get a sneak peek of my Christmas decor as I show you… Continue reading Sweet Santa Tray {$5 Goodwill Challenge}

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$5 Goodwill Challenge: Christmas Edition

I struggle with wreaths in general, but Christmas presents an additional challenge to my wreath impairment. My front door is a lovely burgundy...but it clashes with Christmas red! Last year I went with green and gold, but that arrangement bit the dust after being exposed to the elements of winter. This year I went a totally… Continue reading $5 Goodwill Challenge: Christmas Edition