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Dollar Tree Haul {3.29.23}

It’s time for another Dollar Tree haul! If you have access to more than one DT location, you probably know that not all Dollar Tree stores are the same. One might have a great organization section, one might have the best selection of groceries, and another might be the best place to find crafting supplies.

This haul is from my local DT with the best groceries. In the photo above, my family loves their taco sauce. The bottled pizza sauce isn’t as thick as the one that comes in the jar but it’s still good (especially for dipping). DT has the best deal on Lays Stax chips, and I always look for the 6-pack of breakfast bars.

I picked up the coconut oil spray to try. It’s definitely a different texture and yields a different taste than olive oil or butter spray. Let me know if you use a coconut oil spray!

We all love this cheese sauce. One can is plenty for all 5 of us on taco night. This one isn’t spicy at all, but you can also find a yellow cheese sauce that has a little kick to it.

The snacks below are all for my kiddos’ lunches. They love hot Cheetos and have said that the Brim’s version are almost identical (and about $5 cheaper). I love picking up the individually wrapped snacks for lunches and for keeping in the car.

This right here is why it pays to check every aisle when you’re in DT. I found four full size boxes of this Chex cereal and couldn’t get them in my cart fast enough! We all love Chex, and we’ve also discovered that this flavor makes amazing Puppy Chow.

I haven’t bought any faux greenery in quite a while, but I couldn’t pass up a few of these eucalyptus stems. They look really nice! I have three in my hand here – not bad for $3.75.

After a few weeks of empty shelves in the pet section, I was glad to see my kitties’ favorite treats back in stock.

Always check the quantity on the disinfectant wipes to make sure you’re getting the best deal. The big yellow container has 160 wipes! I don’t have room to store big containers like that in my bathrooms, but I picked up one for the laundry room.

I’ve found that I like these packs of tissues for my purse and the car. They’re not soft but they aren’t rough, making them double as kleenexes or napkins depending on my need. Sometimes you can only find packs of 3, so I was happy to find an 8-pack!

I use the garbage bags in our bathroom and bedroom trash cans. It’s hard to find the little white ones but they’re a great deal with 40 to a package!

Today I’m headed back to Dollar Tree in hopes of finding a few things for my kiddos’ Easter baskets. I may have waited too long, so fingers crossed that my stores will have a few goodies in stock!

Have you found anything good at Dollar Tree lately?

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2 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Haul {3.29.23}

  1. That’s a great cereal find! My kids love things like hot cheetos. I don’t get it because I don’t like any spice, but I’ll have to look for those. Cheetos are pricey! I haven’t gotten into a good grocery store routine at my Dollar Trees. I do like snacks and their candy aisles though. I hope your DT had some Easter goodies for you! I picked up some fairy garden updates for my kid’s Easter baskets.


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