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Decorating for Easter with Blue and White

This year I just felt like keeping it simple and neutral for Easter. Sometimes I drag out all the pastels, but I didn’t want to end up redecorating the whole house at the end of April. Adding a few Easter touches into my lightened up decor makes it simple!

I loved using touches of ribbon at Christmas, so I found this neutral blue and tan ribbon at Hobby Lobby that incorporated so well with everything else.

This bunny sign came from Dollar Tree last year and gives a sweet message whether you’re coming in the door or going out! 🙂

Would you believe I got this tiered tray for $2.50? Target had these in their dollar spot this winter and I was fortunate to find one marked half price!

The gold eggs are from Dollar Tree, but you can find the tutorial for the blue and white eggs here. I made them last year and they look good as new!

I’ve been rewatching The Andy Griffith show – this is one of my favorite serious quotes from the series! (Season 1, Episode 23)

I switched out the brass/bronze decor and warm scented candles for florals and fresh scents. These turquoise hobnail candles are from Dollar Tree!

Fresh flowers are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for spring! These hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s cost $6 and have lasted 2 1/2 weeks! I’ll replace them with some of my Dollar Tree florals once they bite the dust.

I spent less than $10 on my Easter decor! It’s amazing what some different textures and a few spring pieces will do for the look and feel of your entire home.

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5 thoughts on “Decorating for Easter with Blue and White

    1. I just love that scene – “We aren’t just going to keep things nice and neat and orderly to please Aunt Bea. We’re going to keep things nice and neat and orderly because that’s the right way to do things!” Of course the next scene is Opie having to borrow clean dishes from their neighbor so they can make breakfast. Ha!


  1. Your home looks lovely for Easter! I love that it’s Eastery, but not over the top. I’m going to do the same thing. I usually love decorating for each holiday, but this year, being pregnant has zappy my decorating energy a bit. So my game plan for Spring/Easter is to put out some neutral decor to add to my regular decor. That way I’ll be happy to enjoy it for March and April and can take it down in May after I’ve recovered from having a baby. Future Whitney thinks that sounds like a good, minimal work game plan – ha!


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