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5 Things on Friday {3.13.20}

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Happy Friday! We made it through the first week after springing forward, and whether you work outside the home, from your home, have kids or don’t have kids – it’s a tough one! In the spirit of celebrating that, and in the spirit of focusing on good things, I’m sharing five things I’m loving right now.

#1 Free Donut Fridays – during March you can get a free donut at Dunkin Donuts (on Fridays) when you order a beverage through the app! I’m headed there on my way to work this morning!

#2 Lysol Power Plus Toilet Bowl Cleaner This stuff is amazing. I love the packaging that allows the product to get right under the rim of the toilet. When I used a regular all-purpose bathroom cleaner in the toilet bowl, I would have rings by day 3. This keeps it clean and fresh for up to a week!

#3 Essie Gel Couture Polish in Fairy Tailor – I’ve been wearing this on my nails this week and it’s the perfect spring neutral with great long lasting wear! I linked it on Amazon, but always look for Essie Polish when you’re shopping at TJ Maxx, Ross or Homegoods.

#4 True Love: We watched The Princess Bride last night – and I remembered how much I love that movie. It is so quotable, romantic, hilarious and witty. It’s one of those that if you didn’t grow up watching it, you just don’t get it. Do you love The Princess Bride?

#5 Fun: I got the itch to play the piano the other day, so I’ve been sitting down at the piano when I have a few minutes ( I played the piano for church all through high school and college). It’s a great screen-free way to relax, that’s for sure! I recorded a few songs and shared them in my Instagram stories – they’re saved in my highlights if you want to hear what an old-school church pianist sounds like!

I would love for you to read this post I wrote four years ago: When the Daily News is Too Much To Handle. Although it was written under a different set of circumstances, the basic principles apply to the things we’re facing today. ❤ There is hope, joy and peace in Jesus!



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